Cardozo, Medgar Evers relays to skip states for Grand Prix

High School Sports: Chamique Francis wanted some answers when told she and some of her Benjamin Cardozo teammates would not be headed to the outdoor track and field state meet. Comment

Falcons fail to tack on runs in season-ending defeat

High School Sports: Bishop Ford scored two runs in the first three innings, a lead that held up until the bottom of the sixth. No. 1 Xaverian was on the brink of an upset loss for the second consecutive day, one that would have ended what was a promising season. Comment

‘I painted over Andy Warhol’

Andy Warhol wasn’t much of a bird watcher. The iconic pop artist had a house out on Long Island — the closest thing we have to the county here — that was used mainly for parties. Comment

Notes from the back of my mind — and business cards

Perspective: Every time I send my jackets off to the dry cleaners, I find more notes scribbled on the backs of business cards, envelopes and paper napkins. Here are some of those notes. Comment

Williams sparks Midwood to first-ever PSAL outdoor title

High School Sports: It wasn’t a pleasant night for Donald Williams. The following day, well that’s a different story. Comment

Madison pitching rocked in Game 3 defeat to Lehman

High School Sports: Pitching and defense. It was the James Madison baseball team’s strength. Those basic winning tenets were nowhere to be found over the weekend. Comment

PSAL outdoor championships notebook: Things not what they seem for Thomas

High School Sports: The “whoa” from the Icahn Stadium crowd was loud enough to be heard from the nearby Triboro Bridge as Sheepshead Bay’s John Thomas crossed the finish line in the 200 meters. Comment

City’s traffic calming plan excites local residents

Bay News: The city is ready to install traffic-calming measures at West Sixth Street and Kings Highway as dozens of residents and business owners are rallying to stop the plan in its tracks. Comment

Kings Highway gets two hour parking

Kings Courier: You CAN beat City Hall. Comment

Top-seeded Xaverian falls short again

High School Sports: Xaverian tempted fate Thursday, needing a sixth-inning rally to beat Brooklyn rival Bishop Ford in a CHSAA Class A intersectional playoff game at Kaiser Stadium. Clippers coach Lou Piccola said his team was lucky to beat the Falcons. Comment

Teachers v. students equals a kickin’ start to summer fun at PS 52

BoroBeat: It’s not every day you get to kick your teacher — even if it is in good fun! Comment

Eugene Mirman brings the comedy to Celebrate Brooklyn on June 17

Celebrate Brooklyn isn’t just a summer-long music festival. Comment

Fowl is fair! Key Food’s chicken relabeling is completely kosher

Brooklyn Heights: A Brooklyn Heights Key Food that has been repeatedly accused of changing the “sell by” date on meat is off the hook this week after the state revealed that the relabeling practice is completely legal. Comment

Taps for this year’s Twilight Tattoo

Our Twilight Tattoo has been scrapped, and Washington, DC is to blame. Comment

City blitzes Downtown with tickets

Brooklyn Heights: Drivers on Livingston Street were blanketed with tickets and some had their vehicles towed after the city changed parking regulations overnight, yet left parking meters in place with no notices that they were no longer in operation. Comment

Boardwalk or sidewalk? Cement to replace Coney Island’s renowned trademark

Concrete is beating out wood at the Coney Island Boardwalk. Comment

Court St. diner closes after only 10 days!

Brooklyn Heights: After only 10 days, building owner Danny Chow couldn’t stand the heat and got out of the kitchen. Comment

Spike Lee rolls out his vodka at the Blogfest on June 8 (weird, right?)

He doesn’t live in Brooklyn anymore, and he doesn’t blog, but Spike Lee will be the main draw at this year’s Brooklyn Blogfest. Comment

City to play crossing guard along Ocean Avenue

A local panel voted down traffic calming measures the city says will help seniors cross streets along three major roadways in Southern Brooklyn — but construction is already set to get underway. Comment

How green is our valley? Corn stalk pokes up at Smith St ‘farm’

And on the sixth day — of a Boerum Hill art project — there was life! Comment

Inside one such troubled site

The empty lot at N. Ninth and Roebling streets in Williamsburg should have been a 204-unit condo — instead it is a danger to the community. Comment

Stabbing outside club!

68th Precinct Comment

X-Men cometh: Xaverian earns top seed in CHSAA intersectional playoffs

High School Sports: Xaverian coach Lou Piccola calls it the “hat trick,” and the Clippers are two-thirds of the way there after beating St. Joseph by the Sea, 8-5, at Shore Road Park last Friday afternoon. Comment

Parks rep says cement boardwalk coming to Coney

Concrete is beating out wood at the Coney Island boardwalk. Comment

Memorial Day madness: Teen stabbed outside Luna Park

Bay News: The much-hyped opening of Coney Island’s Luna Park closed on a far-from amusing note this past Memorial Day when a 17-year-old stabbed another teen just feet from the spanking new summertime entertainment spot. Comment

Dream come true: Brooklyn’s Ottavino makes Major League debut

Bay News: Adam Ottavino realized a lifelong dream Saturday afternoon. Comment

Look out below! Brightwater Towers residents fear West 8th St. subway station

Bay News: Even forking over $50,000 a year for parking can’t help some Coney Island residents keep their cars — or their lives — safe. That’s because bottle-slinging hoodlums have made parking underneath the West Eighth Street subway station a nightmare. Comment

Ground Zero mosque — a terror act in slow motion!

Perspective: When a non-Muslim American can open and operate a strip joint in Mecca, a pork store in Islamabad or a gay bar in Tehran — with the full cooperation of Islamic authorities — then, perhaps, the thought of a mosque near Ground Zero might not be nauseating. Comment

Big screecher spits at MTA bigwigs

Perspective: I felt like Paul Revere shouting “Channel 12 is coming! News12 is coming” the Wednesday before the rally as I scooted up and down Harway Avenue to mobilize the shopkeepers. Comment

Socialism: It’s all Greek to me

Perspective: The cover of last month’s Frommer’s travel magazine shouted “DISCOVER THE SECRET HOTELS OF GREECE.” No doubt whoever wrote the article did so before the current uprising. Comment

Report: Brooklyn leads in derelict construction sites

The Borough of Churches is fast becoming the Borough of Empty Lots. Comment

Brooklyn under a deluge of water meter thefts

Even cement can’t stop burglars from stealing water meters. Comment

Nature lover: Man busted for masturbating in Bensonhurst park

Bay News: Natural gratification Comment

MTA buses busted: CB15 rejects changes to B44

The MTA is a bunch of liars, according to a local panel. Comment

Sheepshead Bay parking garage rejected

Bay News: Residents on Tuesday gave a resounding no on a special permit plan to add a 101-car parking garage in the heart of Sheepshead Bay. Comment

Lena Cymbrowitz health fair — the prescription for a good life!

BoroBeat: The services were among several offered at the Lena Cymbrowitz Community Health Fair in Sheepshead Bay, May 23, where pro-active boroughites found the prescription for good health — complete with screenings, information, giveaways and a good time. Comment

Bike theft bonanza

Kings Courier: Bike theft bonanza Comment

Musical parts

Ford Econoline vans are great for business — if you business is crime, Comment

Cyber thief sought

Flatbush: Cyber-rob Comment

City fixes broken Avenue U sidewalk

Mill–Marine Courier: The sidewalk from hell has become heavenly! Comment

Pool plunge: Back deck gives way in Mill Island, three girls fall into Bay

Mill–Marine Courier: It was a spine-tingling ride that was never meant to happen. Comment

Off Broadway, Brooklyn’s ‘Housewives’ shines

Perspective: Trying to hail theater lovers amidst Park Avenue’s climbing towers, the very modern and sedate fronted 59 East 59th Street Theater proudly proclaims “59 E — America’s Off-Broadway 2010.” It is a subdued theatrical oasis amidst the tall towers of Madison and Park avenues’ business offices. Comment

Customer services self in Flatlands Ave. holdup

Mill–Marine Courier: Business raid Comment

Judge Judy inducted with elite alums on Madison’s wall of fame

Mill–Marine Courier: Judge Judy (Class of ‘61) says she was an “undistinguished student” who never made it to the honor roll when she attended James Madison High School, even though her parents ran a tight ship at home and disapproved of her chewing gum, wearing sneakers outside of gym or “walking aimlessly on Kings Highway and hanging out at Dubrow’s” on East 16th Street. Comment

Vicious subway mug

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment

Beans, beans, good for your wallet

Perspective: I’m not sure why or how the old saying “it ain’t worth a hill of beans” came about, but I’m pretty confident it had something to do with beans being cheap. Comment

Molbury, Ford bounce back to best Mavericks in Game 3

High School Sports: Matt Molbury and Joe Todaro were at the center of a dramatic seventh inning last Saturday afternoon. Attempting to close out a victory, Molbury gave up a three-run double to Todaro and Moore Catholic came away with a wild Game 2 victory. Comment

Jefferson’s Austin finds a home -- at long last -- at Dowling College

Corwin Austin woke up last Thursday morning with a hop in his step. Breakfast tasted better. He felt differently. Comment

Maher’s blast makes Madison a winner

High School Sports: Moments after Matt Maher’s fielding error gave John Adams the lead, he sat in the dugout by himself to collect his thoughts. Madison coach Vinny Caiazza went over to his senior third baseman. Comment

Poly beats heat, Mann for fifth straight NYSAISAA title

High School Sports: Poly Prep has an intricate pre-game routine that’s more cheerleader than softball player. There’s singing, a little dancing and the trademark mimicking of a rollercoaster. Comment

Sensational sophomore steers Collegiate to title

High School Sports: Before the biggest game of his life, Rick Terry took a nap — on a bus full of loud and excited teammates. As he slept, they placed a speaker near his ear and cranked up the music. Comment

Sweet and lowdown — Botanic Garden celebrates bees!

Event: Learn everything about our honey-making friends in this apiary extravaganza. Comment

Spike Lee rolls out his vodka at the Blogfest on June 8 (weird, right?)

Event: He doesn’t live in Brooklyn anymore, and he doesn’t blog, but Spike Lee will be the main draw at this year’s Brooklyn Blogfest. Comments (6)
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This summer, Red Hookers will finally have a bench with a view, as a somewhat breathtaking waterfront vista has been restored to a section of Red Hook Park. Comments (3)
Greenpoint: If you strike out looking for dates at a bar, or a party, there’s always the softball field. Comments (1)
Mean Streets: Construction is underway on the Prospect Park West bike lane — a controversial measure that the city says will calm traffic, but that has done little to calm Park Slope drivers angry at the possibility of more congestion and less parking. Comments (99)
Perspective: All we wanted to know was what color the Brooklyn Bridge will be. Comment

Discrimination case no longer suits Almontaser

In a surprising reversal, the founder of a public school with a controversial Arabic curriculum announced that she will not pursue a lawsuit against the city for wrongful termination — despite a recent report from a federal agency that she was deserving of financial reparations and reinstatement. Comments (5)

How green is our valley? Corn stalk pokes up at Smith St ‘farm’

Art: And on the sixth day — of a Boerum Hill art project — there was life! Comments (2)

Ridge district leader candidates in new fight over, well, democracy!

Committeman Confrontation: The Bay Ridge district leader war was waged on a new front this week as 18-year incumbent Ralph Perfetto threatened to knock his insurgent challenger off the ballot if the newcomer makes good on his threat to run a slate of opposition candidates for the lowest-level party positions. Comment

Vicious subway mug

Carroll Gardens: It all went down at the Carroll Street station. Plus all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comment

Brooklyn film festival leads with, of course, a movie about bloggers!

Cinema: Well, it wouldn’t be a Brooklyn film festival without one, right? Comment

Never Scared becomes Never Scored

Greenpoint: Has a legendary kickball team run out of gas? Comment
Nightlife: Something is brewing at Union Hall — more accurately, homebrewing. Comments (2)

Here it is, folks — your celebrity photo of the week

Park Slope: It’s Danson! It’s Schwartzman! It’s Fourth Avenue! Comments (1)

Brooklyn’s first iPad theft is reported!

Fort Greene: It was inevitable, yes, but there had not been a reported iPad theft in all of Brooklyn — until this week! Read all the details, plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (3)

Report: Brooklyn leads in derelict construction sites

Development: The Borough of Churches is fast becoming the Borough of Empty Lots. Comments (7)

City blitzes Downtown with tickets 

Drivers on Livingston Street were blanketed with tickets and some had their vehicles towed after the city changed parking regulations overnight, yet left parking meters in place with no notices that they were no longer in operation. Comments (3)

Studio city! Bushwick artists throw open their aeries this weekend

Art: Brooklyn’s premier artists’ studio tour returns this summer — and it is entirely free. Comment

Your ‘Gateway’ to Native American culture

Event: Finally, someone has put the wow in pow wow. Comment

Get ‘Hook’ed at annual South Brooklyn music fest this weekend

Music: Experience Red Hook from front to back this month. Comment

Smartmom thinks she’s too young to have a college kid

Smartmom: But guess what, she does. Ouch. Comments (11)
Art: To call it the Atlantic Avenue ArtWalk is a bit misleading. Comments (1)
Memorial Day is behind us, so it’s officially summer in our book. And that means grilling outdoors, downing a few beers and cooling off with a cone. But why have someone else do it for you, when you can do it all yourself — thanks to our first annual Do-It-Yourself summer guide? Click on the stories below — and get cooking (or brewing or freezing)! Comment
Williamsburg: Two former employees at a luxury rental building on the posh Williamsburg waterfront, say they were fired for trying to organize a union among coworkers to improve their working conditions. Comments (1)
Event: The Greenpoint Parade is today, while three others are tomorrow. Comment
Coney Island: Luna Park, the first new amusement park in almost 50 years, opens today. Comments (6)

Animal attraction! Now someone is trying to poach turtles in Prospect Park

Meadows of Shame: Turtles better hide in their shells — it appears someone is poaching the precious creatures from the lake in Prospect Park! Comments (15)
Williamsburg: Grab your popcorn, Williamsburg! After years of fulfilling your cinema needs outside the neighborhood, you’re about to get your very own movie house. Comments (3)

This hot dog is $11 — but it’s worth it!

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Get to St. Anselm for a new take on a classic. Comments (10)
Dining: The concept at Seersucker is much like the Carroll Gardens restaurant’s name — a polished southern classic. Comments (1)

Corny island! Artist turns Smith Street corner into a mini-farm

Art: Nebraska’s got nothing on one Boerum Hill corn-er! Comments (1)
BAM District: A renowned — but itinerant — Shakespeare company will soon have a permanent home across the street from the Brooklyn Academy of Music where the poor players can strut and fret their hour upon the stage. Comments (5)

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