Going to the Fort Greene Fest? Mos Def!

Music: In just a few short years, Fort Greene has become home to one of the biggest music events around. Comments (19)

Board memeber: I was booted over Boardwalk stance

Bay News: A staunch opponent of the city’s plan to install concrete on the Riegelmann Boardwalk was sacked from Community Board 13 several days after he rallied board members to veto the Parks Department’s latest proposal for a waterfront sidewalk. Comment

Bandshell backdraft

Bay News: Opponents of Borough President Markowitz’s planned Asser Levy Park amphitheater crashed a rally on Sunday that the Beep organize to protest the closure of a Coney Island firehouse — demanding Markowitz use the money he plans to spend on the stage on the FDNY instead. Comment

New law to provide anti-bullying classes

Come September, Brooklyn school principals will be able to order-up anti-bullying lessons thanks to a new law introduced by a Southern Brooklyn politician. Comment
Ridin’ the Cyclones: The Cyclones kick off their 11th quest for a New York–Penn League championship tonight with a new manager, an almost completely new roster, and the same old rivalry with the hated State Island Yankees. Comment

Op-ed package: Weiner is gone — but we’re still talking about him!

Op-ed package: Weiner is gone — but we’re still talking about him!

Perspective: If you listen to talk radio or watch the 24-hour news channels, you’d think that Rep. Anthony Weiner’s sexting obsession is a capital offense. So we asked Weiner supporters and opponents to take a deep breath and offer some reasoned debate. Click below for their opinion pieces.

Our Celebrate Brooklyn pick of the week: Ledisi!

Music: New Orleans soul from one of the best. Comments (1)

Sunnier weather expected for Saturday’s Williamsburg Walks

Event: Bedford Avenue will be a pedestrian mall all day. Comments (1)

This week’s weekend reads — handpicked by your favorite bookstore

Books: See what the ladies behind WORD, Greenlight and BookMark Shoppe are recommending. Comments (1)
Bar Scrawl: Our cartoonist heads to Coney for the last summer at Ruby’s. Comments (4)

G whiz, another lousy weekend

Weekend Watch: The G train remains on the fritz this weekend, and Avenue M’s station get bypassed both ways. Read on for all the transit changes that affect your travel plans. (Saturday, June 18 at 12:01 am to Monday, June 20 at 5 am unless otherwise noted). Comment

Cops targets Prospect Heights potheads

Prospect Heights: Here’s a story with a lot of buzz: The 77th Precinct is cracking down on dope smokers. Comments (7)
Greenpoint: Verizon wasn’t supposed to put 20-foot posts in landmarked neighborhoods. Comments (7)

‘Battles On Ice’ brings Chilled War to Aviator

Don’t puck with us! Comment

Have your cake — and eat it, too — at new Momofuku bakery

Dining: This bakery does a body good. Comment

Now even Kosher eaters can get in on the ‘snout-to-tail’ movement

The snout-to-tail movement has gone kosher. Comment

Sing us a song, </i>you’re</i> the piano man

Get ready to hear the beginning to “Für Elise” on repeat. Comment

Hakuna matata! The Bell House hosts a ‘Lion King’ sing-along

Can you feel the love tonight? Comment
Books: Marty’s book festival lineup is released, and it’s award-winning. Comments (2)

This week’s weekend reads — handpicked by your favorite bookstore

The BookMark Shoppe’s pick: “The Devlin Diary” Comment

Sex, stoops and Sixpoint — our weekend market roundup

A sexy new pop-up shop, a big stoop sale and a very cool new item are on our market watch this week. Comment

Behold — a zombie Western

Behold — a zombie Western

Theater: Think of it as “Night of the Living Deadwood.” Comment
Dining: The secret ingredient? Mike’s Hot Honey. Comment
Cinema: Check out Sophia Takal’s movie at BAM next week. Comments (1)
Bridge ‘Park’: The city quietly slashed the main source of revenue for Brooklyn Bridge Park, revealing only this week that a luxury condo that funds the park’s maintenance budget is now paying $1 million less — leaving a gaping hole in revenue at a time when planners are struggling to raise even more money for upkeep. Comments (10)

Food fight! Slope merchants object to new truck rally

Dining: Grand Army Plaza’s food truck rally has become a food fight. Comments (49)

Digital divide! Bloomberg’s park WiFi plan cuts off southern Brooklyn

Meadows of Shame: Mayor Bloomberg announced that the city and AT&T would provide free wireless services in 20 city parks including Prospect Park, McCarren Park, and Brooklyn Bridge Park. But none of those locations are south of 15th Street. Comments (6)
Fashion: Most bikinis only charge the libido, but a Downtown designer has invented a sun-powered bikini that can also charge iPods. Comments (4)

Williamsburg still has artists, too, you know!

Art: An open studios weekend will prove that North Brooklyn is still the art epicenter. Comments (2)
Fort Greene: Police are adding patrols in Fort Greene Park this month after a spate of robberies have turned the idyllic green into a crime den. Comments (7)
Music: the first “Celebrate Brooklyn” benefit concert of the summer was worth the price of admission (and more). Comments (1)
Dining: Talk about chutzpah: a Bulgarian guy thinks he can teach Brooklynites about the bagel — and not even a New York bagel, but a Montreal bagel. Comments (6)

So Weiner sexted — doesn’t everyone?

Politics: The moral minority seems to have a problem with the congressman’s online dalliances — but young Brooklynites do it all the time. Comments (14)

Pay the ferryman! New East River service begins

Pay the ferryman! New East River service begins

Williamsburg: New York Waterway launched its much-anticipated ferry fleet on Monday, shuttling Manhattan-bound commuters across the East River for the first time since 2009. Comments (9)

Outed Kruger now says gay marriage is OK

Politics: State Sen. Carl Kruger has come out — for gay marriage. Comments (12)

The New Frontiersmen are way out front

Greenpoint: Even without Sadewitz, the men in plaid are awesome. Comment

Who’s on Third?

Mean Streets: A civic panel shot down a bid to turn Third Avenue between 82nd and 92nd Streets into a pedestrian mall for six evenings this summer, saying the proposal was misguided because it didn’t take into account the problems with traffic, litter and noise it would create. Comments (17)

Bicycle thief preys on pal

Brooklyn Paper: 77th Precinct Comment

Celebrate Brooklyn pick of the week: A musical tribute to the Freedom Riders!

Hal Willner is almost singularly known for putting together concerts featuring an eclectic mix of artists and musical styles. Comment

Ugly Americans rip off German tourist near Promenade

Brooklyn Heights: 84th Precinct Comment

Anti-Semitic incident on Adelphi Street

Fort Greene: A trio of goons mugged a woman and used ethnic slurs. Plus all the other crime reports from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (1)

Man caves! This Father’s Day, let him indulge his Y chromosome

Dining: Far be it from us to indulge in gender stereotypes. We know a lot of manly men who can appreciate a good pear and goat cheese salad or an elderflower-based cocktail. Our editor — a man last time we checked — even boasts of a drink named after him comprised of ginger vodka, grapefruit juice, grenadine and cherries. Comment
Music: Free pianos hit the streets again starting this Saturday. Comment

Not again! Thieves steal more plants from Narrows Garden

Bay Ridge: Thieves stole hundreds of dollars worth of supplies and plants from the beleaguered Narrows Botanical Garden last week — the second burglary this year at the all-volunteer green oasis along Shore Road. Comments (7)
Shopping: Kent Avenue is becoming the most bazaar street in Williamsburg. Comments (8)

Meet Rich Donnelly, the man in the front car of the Cyclones

Ridin’ the Cyclones: Brooklyn’s professional baseball team has a new skipper — and he can’t wait to break the team’s 10-year championship drought. Comment

Squirrels beware! Squirrel assassin could be targeting Marine Park

Squirrels that call Marine Park home better watch their curled, fluffy tails — an assassin that has them in the crosshairs may be on the loose! Comment

Biking purse snatcher rides again!

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment

Dems: Bay Ridge Pizza is best

The votes are in, and in a piping-hot pronouncement, local Democrats named Bay Ridge Pizza the best pie in Yellow Hook at a gluttonous gastronomical “doughraiser” on June 2. Comment

Pain for ‘Pleasure’

Sheepshead Bay residents are trying to block a nightclub from reopening on a quiet stretch of Avenue U, claiming the now-shuttered bar was a noisy nuisance frequented by unsavory characters. Comment

Need to know the price of copper? Ask a thief

Brooklyn Heights: At least two worksites were robbed of that most precious of non-precious metals — copper — last week, the latest incidents in Brooklyn’s long battle against iron-willed thieves. Comment

Sleepless on Bedford

Flatbush: Talk about road rage! Comment

It’s a deal! Canarsie Cemetery sold to Cypress Hills

Canarsie: The Canarsie Cemetery is about to be sold — for about $10 a headstone. Comment

Slap shot!

The Erasmus Hall High School athletic director who suffered a massive heart attack and died during the 2010 PSAL playoffs — only to be brought back to life by Emergency Service workers — was arrested on June 2 for allegedly attacking a school security guard. Now, his 36-year career with the Department of Education is in jeopardy. Comment

I was right, Weiner was lying

Perspective: Not for nuthin, but what grown man cannot state with “certitude” and identify his own wiener?And who uses the word “certitude” nowadays, anyway? How about “certainly,” “without a shadow of a doubt,” or the ubiquitous “No way!” But “with certitude?” Really now. Comment

Homless man killed in Canarsie

Canarsie: Canarsie cops say a homeless man found strangled to death and wrapped inside a blanket along a stretch of Long Island Rail Road train tracks was killed by other homeless who live there. Comment

Let’s keep the wood in our beloved Boardwalk

Perspective: For months or more, the future of the world-renowned Riegelmann Boardwalk of Coney Island has been poppin’ its nails in the controversial sands-of-time, as verbs and vowels have shredded the salt-tasty airs of “America’s Seashore.” Comment

Ford’s ‘Bit’ finds perfect fit at Concordia

A few months ago, Anjali (Little Bit) Moncrieffe wasn’t sure where she would continue her career when her time at Bishop Ford came to an end. Comment

Brooklyn bound: Aguilar chooses LIU

In the tremendously fickle college basketball recruiting world, Pete Aguilar saw schools pop up one minute, only to vanish the next. Comment

Final countdown: Xaverian books ticket to CHSAA championship

High School Sports: Steven Pastrana exorcised some demons and helped lift Xaverian into the CHSAA Class AA championship tournament final all with one quality outing yesterday. Comment

Shockingly, Weiner gagged by ‘Groingate’

Perspective: First impressions do count. Comment

Now even Kosher eaters can get in on the ‘snout-to-tail’ movement

Dining: Center for Kosher Culinary Arts to host a steak class on June 23. Meat cleavers included. Comment

Sex, stoops and Sixpoint — our weekend market roundup

Shopping: Here’s what’s on our market watch this week. Comment

Hakuna matata! The Bell House hosts a ‘Lion King’ sing-along

Cinema: There’ll be no worries, at least for one night. Comment

Stop trying to impress your kids!

The Dad: If being a dad is a constant expedition then Father’s Day is the annual return to Base Camp. My children profess their love for me, hand me cards, make me some food and I’m refreshed and recharged for the next foray into the unknown jungles of parenthood. Comments (1)

Gay pride sets Park Slope aflame with festivity

Christine Quinn is one bangin’ gay gal. Comments (1)

All my friends have gas pains!

Sunday Screech: This week, Carmine unleashes on the price of gas — and how it’s ruining his good time in New Jersey! Comments (10)

Walmart eyes Gravesend Bay waterfront

War-Mart: A piece of property owned by the Cropsey family that’s sandwiched between Caesar’s Bay and a proposed BJs — and 14-acres of the bay itself — could pave the way for Walmart’s entrance into Brooklyn. Comments (43)

Brooklyn Bridge Park consultant: Alternatives to housing? What alternatives to housing?

Bridge ‘Park’: Housing is looking more and more inevitable in Brooklyn Bridge Park Comments (17)

Brooklyn DA gets bedbugs — again!

Charles Hynes’s Downtown office gets another infestation, setting up a different kind of battle against a different kind of villain. Comments (7)
A great photo — and the backstory. Comments (2)

Bear lost — and now ‘kidnappers’ want $10,000 in cupcakes!

Cobble Hill: There are a million stories in the naked city — this one is about a lost binky, a desperate mother, and a snarky kidnap team. Comments (29)
Atlantic Yards: Starring Daniel Goldstein, Bruce Ratner and, in a tragic role, democracy. Comments (25)
Dining: Brooklyn Heights coffee sippers and laptop lovers rejoice! Vineapple — a cozy community café — opened this week on Pineapple Street, bringing a jolt of caffeine to the otherwise sleepy area. Comments (2)
Here it is, our obligatory “cute-kid-in-the-sprinkler” photo. Plus, today’s weather forecast! Comments (1)
Mean Streets: Actually, he booted him for a lot of other reasons Comments (12)

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