Art: Video has not killed the sculpture star. Comment

Funky brunch: Wahlberg brothers come to Coney to promote burger joint

Marky Mark made his mark in Coney Island last week. Comment

Touch the Sky: Rapper Skyzoo reaches out to his hometown audience

Music: There is no place like home. Comments (1)

Parking not: CB15 blasts zone-busting development

Sheepshead Bay: Locals answered his “No Parking” sign with a “Stop” sign — but he refuses to yield. Comment

How comics saved America — and made the world safe for gay marriage!

Rhymes with Crazy: This week, our columnist gives you the inside scoop on all things comics, and how they made the world safe for, well, just about everything that’s right. Comments (4)

Sound Off to the Editor

Letters: Catch up on what your neighbors are thinking on the best soapbox in town. Comment

Happy Fourth! Celebrate with Carmine and Donny Wahlburger!

Big Screecher: Look, you knew the Screecher would some day break bread with the coolest “New Kid,” didn’t you? Comment
Event: It’s news you can fuse! Comment

Gut check: Runner-up ready to beat Chestnut at hotdog-eating contest

Coney Island: He says there will be a new top dog-eater in town. Comment
Editor’s Picks: Brooklyn this week offers fantasy sports, food in the sun, and the greatest competition in the world! Comment
Coney Island: Nathan’s Famous Comment

Inside the Nets draft-day moves

Nets: We’ve thought about this for a week, and now, without further ado, we present our analysis of the Nets moves! Comment

It’s Gee-nius!: George Gee Swing Orchestra kicks of concert series

Manhattan Beach: Don’t rain on his parade! Comment

Head games: Gamboa’s focus is on baseball, not manners

Diamond Dave’s Cyclones Report: It’s safe to say you shouldn’t put a mike on the Cyclones skipper during a game because you never know what will come out of his mouth. Comment

Bay Ridge goes off with a bang

Bay Ridge Nights: Food, tunes, and fireworks — nobody does Independence Day like Bay Ridge! Comment

Major minors: Here’s our All-Cyclones MLB team

Coney Island: Plenty of Cyclones have made it to the show, but these guys did it better than most. Comment

Changing over

Harbor Watch: The outgoing US Army Recruiting Battalion commander ceremoniously passed the flag over to his replacement at Fort Hamilton Army Base on June 26. Comment

Happy Birthday, America — you look great at 239!

A Britisher’s View: There are at least 239 reasons to celebrate the United States of America — one for each year of its glorious existence, writes our true-blue columnist. Comment

Rover rescue

Gravesend: They say cats have nine lives, but nine puppies in Gravesend could have lost the only lives they have if not for some generous animal rescuers from the neighborhood. Comment
The invasion long dreaded by denizens of the People’s Playground has finally come to pass, as costumed characters driven out of Times Square by a police crackdown have descended onto the Coney Island Boardwalk. Comments (1)

Flag razing: Old Glory pulled down by thief

Flatlands: Just days after prevailing against the city’s attempt to pull it down, the star-spangled banner on display outside the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps was stolen right off the pole by flag-hating fiend. Comment
Meadows of Shame: The parks department has replaced nine out of 10 of the park’s original roomy four-seater benches with scrawny plastic and wood numbers that can only comfortably hold two average-sized adult butts. Comments (6)

Welcome to Big Apple Bank

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment

Cherry Hill celebrates independence — America’s and its own

Sheepshead Bay: Cherry Hill Market threw an early July Fourth party last week, celebrating both America’s independence and its own freedom from a long-standing legal threat that could have put the market out of business. Comment

Industrial-strength drinks: Industry City gets a vodka tasting room

Nightlife: If you build it, they will come. Comments (1)

The many loves of Stephanie Thompson, or ‘How do I teach my kids about chemistry?’

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie cotemplates the coming hormonal storm that will produce love in her boys. Comment

Family inspired Fort Hamilton’s Papadakos to excell in flag football

Joe Knows: Football was in Maria Papadakos’s blood long before she became Fort Hamilton’s flag football quarterback. Comment

Idol v. Idol

Bay Ridge: The letter from lawyers for “American Idol” threatening legal action if Bay Ridge’s Senior Idol singing contest doesn’t change its name raises the question of whether the two really could be confused. Check out this slide show and you tell us. Comment

Cyclones battle bullying

Cyclones battle bullying

Coney Island: Bullying just got thrown out at the plate. Comment

A tale of two libraries

Williamsburg: The Williamsburg library is open — for business. Comments (16)

Checking out: Developer may fold Red Hook library privatization plans

Red Hook: Books aren’t the only thing being shelved at the Red Hook library. Comments (2)

Cyclones fall in Auburn

The Ride: Tarnation! Comment

Finallly, Jo weighs in on same-sex marriage

Not for Nuthin’: This week, Jo weighs in on same-sex marriage. Comment

Fleece of mind: Lawman says Brooklyn ‘psychic’ scamed Iowans

Crime: He should have seen this coming. Comments (1)
BoroBeat: They got down to bid-ness. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: Brooklyn Bridge Park honchos last Wednesday unveiled designs for the two luxury apartment towers they plan to erect at Pier 6. Comments (18)

Inside the Nets draft-day moves

Nets: We’ve thought about this for a week, and now, without further ado, we present our analysis of the Nets moves! Comment
Bay Ridge: In a desperate attempt to reverse plummeting ratings, “American Idol,” a network television talent show, is seizing on the coattails of one of Bay Ridge’s most popular institutions — Brooklyn Senior Idol. Comments (2)

Help for homeowners

Mill Basin: Neighborhood Housing Services of East Flatbush hosted a free “Help for Homeowners” event at the American Legion Hall on Avenue N in Mill Basin on June 20. Comment

Diamonds and rust! Cyclones beat Joan Baez and Doubledays

The Ride: A hard rain fell on the Doubledays, as the Cyclones pounded out 11 hits. Comment

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year!

The city has added another new holiday to the school calendar. Comment

New nest for the Nets

Sunset Park: Brooklyn’s home team previews its unfinished Sunset Park practice facility. Comments (3)

Singers with chops: Piper Theatre serves up bloody ‘Sweeney Todd’

Theater: Call him the demon barber of Third Street. Comment

Highway to swell: Federal designation may unlock grants, sink private plans for waterfront

Two waterfront shipping facilities are now part of America’s Marine Highway System, expanding availability of federal grants for the publicly owned sites, Mayor DeBlasio announced on June 29. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: The internet taxi service sent out an e-mail going after Councilman Steve Levin’s plan to limit the company’s car count. Comments (26)
Red Hook: Neighbors worry it will tower over the area’s four-story buildings. Comments (6)
Changing Brooklyn: Forget the poor door — this housing complex will have poor buildings. Comments (30)

Katz’s homer leads Cyclones over Doubledays

The Ride: This rain-shortend victory must have been exciting! Comment

Bill please: Mayor holding up ‘illegal home conversion’ bills

Dyker Heights: Legislation to combat illegal home conversions that Borough President Adams and two Brooklyn councilmen promised months ago is still on the drafting table because of a legal snag. Comment

Young blood: Brooklyn Heights whiz kid invents wound-sealing gel

Boro of Nerds: His work was in vein but not in vain. Comments (3)

Man shot outside Fort Greene bar

Fort Greene: A gunman shot and wounded a man outside a popular Fort Greene bar on early Saturday morning, according to a report. Comments (6)

Stan looks at the U.S. — by the dollars

It’s Only My Opinion: In which our columnist uses dollar figures to consider the national debt, charities, and the cyclical paradox of state lotteries. Comment

Rain out, Yanks loss puts Clones in first place!

The Ride: Who woud have thought you could get so much accomplished without doing anything? Comment

Katz’s homer leads Cyclones over Tigers

The Ride: Another win for the first-place Clones! Comment
Bushwick: Bushwick residents are demanding the new developer of a portion of the old Rheingold brewery deliver on the promises of below-market housing and money for schools and parks that previous developers — who needed a zoning change to get the job going — had pledged to provide. Comments (15)

Slave to history: Army won’t change ‘racist’ street name despite plea from black leaders

Fort Hamilton: Members of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network rallied in front of Ft. Hamilton on June 25 to denounce General Lee Avenue — named for Gen. Robert E. Lee — and call for a less racially charged moniker. Comments (21)

Atlantic Yards’ ‘Pacific Park’ park plan unveiled

Prospect Heights: A public promenade at the center of the Pacific Park mega-development in Prospect Heights will feature a dog run, a basketball court, a bocce court, and areas for tots to play, according to a new master plan released by developers. Comments (21)
The Supreme Court just legalized gay marriage nationwide! Go celebrate with our pals at Gay City News. Read more…

Reverses! Cyclones lose 2–1 a night after winning 2–1!

The Ride: It was more of the same, only different for our beloved boys of summer. Comment

Return rebooted: Malignaggi back in the ring at Barclays

Paulie Malignaggi didn’t expect another fight coming this soon after he was forced to pull out of his last one in May, but he says he is ready to fight Danny Garcia at Barclays Center on Aug. 1. “This opportunity just fell into my lap,” the Bensonhurst native said. “It was unexpected, but I am all about competing against the best. As surprised as I was, it was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to.” Comment

Take it or Lee-ve it! Civil rights advocates demand Fort Hamilton surrender Confederate-named street

Brooklyn Is Angry: A black community leader and a congressman want Ft. Hamilton to rename a street named for a Confederate general who was stationed there before the Civil War. Comments (20)

Getting their kicks! 10 guys steal sneakers from Bushwick store

Bushwick: They hotfooted it out of there. Comments (2)

First place Clones win in extra innings — again!

The Ride: Come on, give it up for the Cyclones! Comment

Eww: Cops seek subway masturbator

Downtown: Police are on the lookout for a man they say played with his privates on a Downtown subway on June 19, according to a report. Comments (1)

Man killed trying to cross Metropolitan Avenue

Williamsburg: He tried to cross in the middle of the block, but did not make it, police said. Comments (4)

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