Music: Their name is Princess! And they are funky! Comments (2)

Photo finish! Brooklyn images face off against outer boroughs

Art: Kings County is shooting for a win! Comment

The good, the bad, and the airport

Rhymes with Crazy: Yes, LaGuardia is pretty terrible. But it is getting better. Comment

Reader wars! Al n’ Richie in the crosshairs

Letters: I can sympathize with Allan Rosen’s comments because I’m all for safety, whether it’s bike riding or driving. (“Reader: ‘The city screwed us in Sheepshead Bay’, Sound off to the Editor, Sept.2). Comment

What to read this week

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Comment

The choice is simple: Vote for Hillary

Spin Cycle: This week, Tom Allon makes his pick for President. Comment
Podcast: From friendly confines of MCU Park to a bookstore near you! Comments (5)
Editor’s Picks: We’ve got a week of festivals, celebrating books, folk music, Park Slope art, and old-fashioned movie musicals! Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment

The world comes to Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge Nights: The Ridge has international flair this weekend! Comment

Clintonitis! Hillary is boring us to death!

A Britisher’s View: Ho-hum Hillary! The Clinton campaign is a cold fish, devoid of passion, pot-clanging, and hoo-ha, writes our columnist. Comment
Bay Ridge: They’re playing it by ear. Comment
Podcast: Find out what the out-going skipper, who never minces words, thinks about the former NFL quaterback’s chances of making the Cyclones — and the Mets! Comment
BoroBeat: Face-painting, bouncy castles, hula hoops — this party had it all. Comment
Theater: They’re Tolkien ’bout a revolution! Comment

Standing O is at it again!

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is boosting bigger and better than ever. Comment

Steph grades herself, damn everyone else

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie realizes she needs to stop worrying about other people’s lives, and start enjoying her own. Comments (2)
Digital editions: Five-minute presentations that go for hours, lying developers, beleaguered city officials, NIMBYs, YIMBYs, disappearing quorums, microphone problems, absent politicians — we’ve missed it all! So get along to your next board meeting and keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…

The 2016 primary results are in!

The 2016 primary results are in!

Politics: And the incumbents all won. Comment
Books: It’s about tome! Comment

Crew of kids beat, rob two men in Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill: Police are searching for a crew of tween delinquents who jumped two men in Clinton Hill and stole their cell phones on the night of Sept. 11. Comments (2)

Your 2016 state primary results

Politics: And other results from the state primary races. Comments (4)
Politics: Harris versus Cucco! Persaud versus Narcisse! Our pals at know the winners in all the big races! Read more…
Greenwood Heights: This honey is to die for! Comments (5)

Jo looks back on 9-11

Not for Nuthin’: After 15 years, Ground Zero has been restored, but our first responders’ wounds are still open. Comment
BoroBeat: Regular Joes and G.I. Joes tested their strength side by side at Fort Hamilton’s Civilian Military Combine on Sept. 10. Comment
Park Slope: Thousands of big-hearted Brooklynites came to Prospect Park on Saturday to walk with survivors of ovarian cancer — but only one attendee came to kneel. Comment

It’s high-school football season

High School Sports: It wasn’t a pretty game, but it was a win — and that was the only thing the Erasmus Hall football team was concerned with. Comment

Back on track: Lincoln football notches big-time win over South Shore in opener

High School Sports: It’s a brand-new season, and the Lincoln football team has just one goal in mind — winning. Comment

No bite: Coachless Grand Street Wolves football falls in opener

High School Sports: The Grand Street Campus football team suffered a shutout loss in its season opener against Erasmus Hall on Sept. 9, unable to find a rhythm as suspended head coach Bruce Eugene watched the game from the stands. Comment
The heartthrob former quarterback signed a minor-league contract with the Mets last week, and he may be Brooklyn-bound. Comments (1)

Cop-impersonating rapist sentenced

Sunset Park: The slimeball who raped and robbed a woman in a shady Sunset Park hotel while impersonating a police officer is going to prison for three decades, prosecutors announced on Sept. 12. Comment

Dancing about sculpture: Movement piece tackles giant figures

Dance: These dancers are taking on the Man. Comment
BoroBeat: Kings County came together to mourn. Comment
Park Slope: It’s a jumble out there! Comments (1)
BoroBeat: Good street fairs make good neighbors! Comments (3)

Whodunnit? ‘Ring of Lies’ makes its stateside debut

Books: Best-selling Israeli crime writer Roni Dunevich’s Stateside debut of his supenseful Alex Bartal series is a potboiler of cold calculation and industrial-strength chutzpah. Comments (1)
Canarsie: They’re really trying to build up the fan base. Comment

Deputy Editor Max Jaeger talks state primaries on Bric TV!

It it on at noon. Comment

The spin

Mean Streets: The new Jay Street bike lane is on the right path, but there are still some roadblocks, according to riders. Comments (37)

Other ways to fix Jay Street

Mean Streets: We ride it every day. Comments (24)
✔ Poll

Vote: What do you think of the new bike lane?

Mean Streets: Nothing incites reasonable discourse in the Brooklyn Paper comments section like an old fashioned bike lane article! Comments (16)

Checking in: Stalled hotel is Sunset Park’s newest homeless shelter

Sunset Park: Sunset Parkers are worried that a stalled inn temporarily acting as a homeless shelter is becoming a permanent lodge for the destitute without adequate oversight. Comments (7)
Bay Ridge: This school proposal may have to go back to the drawing board. Comments (11)

It’s a grab-bag of musings!

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, our scribe takes on Hillary Clinton, considers the ever-evolving English language, and offers some advice for buying wine. Comment
Photo Galleries: Our partners at Brooklyn Paper bring you a view from Brooklyn Heights. Click though for photos. Read more…
Photo Galleries: On this, the 15th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, we present images of the day taken by one of our photographers at the time, Tom Callan. Comments (2)
Dyker Heights: Five yahoos in a black BMW packing a pair of pistols led cops on a car chase through Dyker Heights that ended in a wreck on Sept. 9, according to police. Comment

Park Slope Parents’ Susan Fox talks schools on Brooklyn Paper Radio

Podcast: Listen today as Susan Fox from Park Slope Parents talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the first day of school! Comment
Sunset Park: It’s a whole new intersection! Comment

Just in time for fall! Prospect Park Dog Beach back open

Fuzzy Brooklyn: Howl-elujah! Comment
Sunset Park: They’ll take you in — unless you’re with the media. Comments (1)
Class Action: Kids strapped on their backpacks and piled onto buses for back-to-school day on Thursday. Comments (2)
Prospect Heights: These drummers showed nerves of steel! Comment

Emblematic! Greece gives Johnnie Cats a ‘stamp’ of approval

Brooklyn-raised billionaire grocer John Catsimatidis was the toast of the town when Greece put the native son on a stamp. Comments (1)
Flatlands: Well, they certainly know what he looks like. Comment
Brooklyn Is Angry: A protest outside a talk by a controversial 9-11 “truther” in Boerum Hill on Wednesday night turned violent when a protestor spat at a venue employee and the worker tried to slug him in return. Comments (11)
High School Sports: These wolves are out for blood. Comments (1)

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