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Dining: It’s a dish best served cold. Comments (6)
Dining: Talk about double-hopped! Comments (1)

Readers: What’s being done to keep cyclists from dying?

Letters: A truck driver struck and killed a 30-year-old cyclist in Sunset Park on Monday. Comments (10)
Waiting in the Wings: Get them to the Greek tragedy! Comment

Column: Politics come second to family

The Right View: About a year ago, an editor of this newspaper recommended that I write about how my wife and I, who are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, manage peace between us in these divisive times in our nation. He thought readers would be interested. Comment
Editor’s Picks: This week we’ve got a murderous monarch, a martial arts movie, homosexual history, and much more! Brooklyn is the place to be! Comment
Dining: Get a slice of Rome in Red Hook! Comments (1)
Theater: Talk about courtroom drama! Comment
Ditmas Park: City transit honchos need to rethink their scheme to sacrifice parking in order to build a dedicated bus lane through Ditmas Park, according to members of a local synagogue, who claim the plan will transform their high holidays into a traffic nightmare. Comments (21)
Dining: He’s a big fish in a big park. Comments (1)
Books: It’s a book fair of fair books! Comments (2)
Photo Galleries: Locals rallied in Brownsville on Monday to demand an end to gun violence following a mass shooting that left one dead and 11 wounded last week. Comment
Sunset Park: Mourners gathered on Tuesday evening to hold vigil for a fallen Brooklyn cyclist, whose life was cut short by a tractor-trailer that struck her on Third Avenue in Sunset Park Monday. Comments (21)
Marine Park: Kings County kids jumped at the chance to play in the world’s largest bouncy castle at Floyd Bennett Field last weekend. Comments (2)
Coney Island: They’re striking out prostate cancer! Comment
Sunset Park: A New York City pianist will orchestrate the grand opening of a new Park Slope jazz venue next month. Comments (18)

On Brownstoner: Brooklyn Botanic Garden Launches Exhibition That Warns of Shadows From Proposed Towers

Brooklyn Botanic Garden leaders are fighting back against a proposed new development that would block crucial morning sunlight to its gardens and greenhouses. Read more…
Bedford-Stuyvesant: A brownstone Brooklyn business group is standing in the way of a Metropolitan Transportation Authority scheme to cut service along a Bedford-Stuyevsant bus route. Comments (5)

Scientists discover new beetle species with unique genitalia at Green-Wood Cemetery

Sunset Park: Scientists from the national Forest Service announced Tuesday that they discovered a new species of beetle in Green-Wood Cemetery, claiming the insect touts a never-before-seen package that’s got biologists all worked up, according to a federal forestry technician. Comments (2)
Greenpoint: A truck driver struck a cyclist in Greenpoint on Thursday, hospitalizing him. Comments (16)
Brooklyn Heights: Police are looking for the fiend who nabbed a backpack stuffed with cash from a car parked on Joralemon Street on July 11. Comments (12)

Fires engulf properties in Sunset Park and Brownsville

Sunset Park: A fire broke out in a Sunset Park brownstone — and a Brownsville property — early Tuesday morning, altogether leaving four firefighters and one civilian with minor injuries. Comment
Downtown: Protesters rallied last week in opposition to a developer’s scheme to raze a historic Downtown townhouse formerly owned by prominent abolitionists. Comments (14)
Kensington: Kings County animal lovers gathered at the Prospect Park Parade Grounds on Monday to celebrate the long delayed ground breaking of the Kensington Dog Run — a new park dedicated solely to man’s best friend. Comments (14)
Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation Monday morning further decriminalizing marijuana use in New York state — a moved praised by lawmakers as a step to balance the scales of criminal justice in the borough. Comments (7)

Dog survives impaling in Flatbush

Sunset Park: A dog survived being impaled on a fence after falling from a third-story window in Flatbush on Thursday. Comments (2)

Do-gooders fight climate disaster with art

Standing O: Lets hear it for the Human Impacts Institute, a Williamsburg based nonprofit that is fighting the global climate crisis — with art! Comments (14)

Elderly man drowns off Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach: A 70-year-old man drowned off the coast of Brighton Beach on Sunday. Comments (12)
Sunset Park: A truck driver struck and killed a 30-year-old cyclist in Sunset Park on Monday. Comments (41)

Cops seek four in connection with Crown Heights stabbing

Crown Heights: Cops are hunting the four brutes who stabbed a man over a measly $20 in Crown Heights on July 20. Comments (8)
A deranged man barged into an East New York police precinct wielding a knife in a failed suicide-by-cop scheme Sunday, according to police. Comments (8)

Canarsie killer on the loose: NYPD

Canarsie: Cops are hunting the gunman who shot and killed a 24-year-old man in Canarsie on Sunday. Comments (5)
Gravesend: Preservationists labored to restore fallen graves in the city’s oldest surviving burial ground on Wednesday. Comments (3)
The exterior of the second building in the ever-growing Domino development in Williamsburg is getting close to the finish line, according to a Bronwstoner report. Read more…

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Stuyvesant Heights church gets $30,000 to renovate window mural

A 146-year-old Stuyvesant Heights house of worship’s prayers have been answered — by preservationists! Comments (4)
The suspects who are believed to have shot one person and injured 11 others Saturday night at the conclusion of the Brownsville Old Timers Day event are still on the lam as the city’s top officials condemned the act of violence during a press conference one day after the tragedy. Comment
Marine Park: As city health inspectors uncover evidence of mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus in Brooklyn, locals claim that Parks Department officials have allowed the borough’s biggest green space to devolve into a breeding ground for the noxious pests, which spawn in standing pools of water that agency honchos claim are too expensive to fix. Comments (10)

Brooklynites react to reports of potential Amazon facility in Sunset Park’s Industry City

Sunset Park: With Amazon reportedly eyeing up to 1 million square feet of space within Sunset Park’s Industry City for a new storage and shipping facility, locals are split on what the tech giant’s presence could mean for the largely working-class, immigrant community. Comments (15)
Downtown: A cyclist and his toddler suffered minor injuries after colliding with a ramp lowered from a wheelchair-accessible bus on Jay Street Thursday. Comments (10)
Cops are hunting the shooter who gunned down a 29-year old man in East New York on Friday. Comments (5)
Crown Heights: Police arrested a man they suspect shot a man in the head on St. Marks Avenue in Crown Heights on Thursday. Comment

City Council Speaker skeptical of MTA reorganization plan, vows hearing

Transit: When the Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved a reorganization plan for the first time in more than half a century, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called it “a good start,” but the leader of the New York City Council says the state-run agency is on the wrong track. Comments (10)
Flatlands: Brooklyn Public Library’s Flatlands branch will close for about four months beginning Aug. 3, and is expected to reopen sometime in November. Comment
Manhattan Beach: Three cheers for Leonard Riggio, the founder and chairman of Barnes and Noble book chain, who recently donated $1 million toward scholarships for students at Kingsborough Community College. Comments (2)
Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a sweeping, multimillion-dollar plan to vastly expand the city’s bike lane network in the wake of a bloody year that’s already claimed the lives of 17 cyclists, most of them in Brooklyn. Comments (51)
Coney Island: Call it a sign of progress! Comments (4)

Sunset Park masturbator on the loose: NYPD

Sunset Park: Cops are hunting the pervert who masturbated inside a Sunset Park subway station on July 1. Comments (4)

Teen girl shot in Bed-Stuy playground

Bedford-Stuyvesant: A gunman shot a 13-year-old girl inside a Bedford-Stuyvesant playground Wednesday, according to authorities. Comments (1)

Dumbo food hall reopens after Health Department shutdown

DUMBO: Time in! Comment

Park Slope YMCA evacuated after racist bomb threat directed at de Blasio

Park Slope: Authorities evacuated two YMCA branches in Park Slope Wednesday after receiving a racist bomb threat directed at Mayor Bill de Blasio — who routinely exercises at the Ninth Street Y — according police. Comments (5)

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