Park Slope: Our exclusive interview with the greatest writer of his generation, whose new book, “Eating Animals,” is a non-fiction work about the disaster that is mass consumption of meat. Comments (11)

Places for non-meat treats? Here are five from Foer

Park Slope: He’s a vegetarian and a Brooklynite — which means novelist Jonathan Safran Foer has pretty strong opinions about the best places to avoid eating animals. Comments (6)

Foer vows: I will return to fiction

Park Slope: Don’t worry, fiction fans — Jonathan Safran Foer says his journey into journalism is over. Comments (1)

The full Foer: Read the transcript

Park Slope: Here is the full transcript of The Brooklyn Paper’s interview with novelist Jonathan Safran Foer (“Everything is Illuminated”), author of the new anti-meat book, “Eating Animals” (Little, Brown). Comments (3)
Jonathan Lethem is apparently not going to go down in his battle with his new novel without a fight. Comment
Some authors have trouble finishing their novels. Jonathan Lethem is having trouble finishing reading his novel. Comment

Paul Auster is back with another mystery

Park Slope: The Park Sloper’s new book, “Invisible,” is not about a character that can’t be seen, but rather about the moments in a life that fly under the radar. Clearly, it’s not autobiographical. Comments (2)
Park Slope: For one weekend in November, Brooklyn will become the center of the comic universe. Comment

Author ponders death — at Green-Wood Cemetery

Greenwood Heights: There’s nothing better than a reading about suicide at Brooklyn’s best boneyard. Comments (1)
Boerum Hill: The bard of Boerum Hill has turned his attention to the Upper East Side. Comment

Lethem’s Manhattan

Boerum Hill: Esteemed Brooklyn scribe Jonathan Lethem’s new book is all about Manhattan, but it’s not just any part of that god-forsaken borough — it’s about the Upper East Side! Comment

Two years later, but grant winner finally opens her bookshop

Fort Greene: Greenlight Bookstore is here at last! Comments (6)

War is hell (of a book!)

Checkin’ in with: Meet a man who wrote the book on war. Comments (1)

Elizabeth Nunez’s new novel finds her ‘In-Between’

The Bed-Stuy-based writer goes back to her Trinidad roots for her latest book. Comment

Hey, you, spot the wild boar on that building!

Who knew there was a wild boar residing on Garfield Place? It just doesn’t seem like the place for such a beast — or maybe it does. Comment

Between the covers with Marty Markowitz!

Downtown: The Beep invites you to his fourth annual book festival. Comments (11)

Your Cliffs Notes to the Book Festival

Downtown: Here’s our guide to the must-hear authors. Comment

Starring Park Slope

Starring Park Slope

Park Slope: Love Park Slope so much you only read books (or watch movies) where it’s a central character? Here’s a list for you! Comments (1)
Park Slope: The author of the new chick-lit classic, “Prospect Park West,” has a lot to learn about the neighborhood she pans. Comments (11)

Cobble Hill author is about to go ‘fourth’ and collect big prize

Cobble Hill author Arthur Phillips is poised to join the most elite strata of novelists — those with money. Comment

Put out a blanket and hear some great books in Fort Greene Park

Fort Greene: Fort Greene’s pen-wielding luminaries — we’re talking Colson Whitehead, Toure, and Nelson George — will be leaving their fortresses of literary solitude for the Summer Literary Festival next Saturday. Comments (1)
Move over, Su Doku! Chess grandmaster Maurice Ashley has a new mind game: pawn mowers. Comments (1)

Slope writer offers cons from the pros of comedy

Checkin’ in with: What makes something funny? And, more important, how can you get your screenplay made? Find out here. Comments (1)

Boro lit luminaries shine on

Downtown: Park Slope may be battling Prospect Heights for the title of the most writer-friendly community in Brookyn, but the entire borough continues to stake its claim to national literary prominence. Comments (1)

Ira Glass is coming! Ira Glass is coming!

Park Slope: It doesn’t get much bigger than this in Park Slope: Ira Glass is coming to town! And it’s for a good cause! Comment

Irish author with a ‘Brooklyn’ accent

Carroll Gardens: Meet Colm Toibin, author of “Brooklyn,” his sixth book. Comments (1)

Funk it! Slope author goes back to his roots

DUMBO: Ben Greenman, an editor at the New Yorker, set out to write a biography of Sly Stone and ended up with a serious novel about an entirely made up funk rock legend. Comment

FOER! Look out, book fans, Jonathan’s new book is (gasp) non-fiction!

Park Slope: Not so loud, but incredibly close: Jonathan Safran Foer sits down and talks to The Brooklyn Paper. Comments (2)

Fort Greene author finds that misery loves company

Suzanne Guillette collected stories of sadness — and found a way out of her own. Comment

Checkin’ in with … a woman who has never had an orgasm

Checkin’ in with: Our reporter interviews Mara Altman, author of a new book about her inability to reach certain heights. Comments (4)

A writer’s love bites

Park Slope: Two decades of romantic ups and downs left author Giulia Melucci with a broken heart — but never an empty stomach. Comments (2)

Unleaded! Slope mom Denworth back with toxic new book

Former Park Slope Civic Council President and local writer Lydia Denworth is back with a new book. Comment

Sexy Alyssa Milano hits homer with her baseball book — yes, a baseball book

Bay Ridge: Everyone wants to get to second base with Alyssa Milano, which makes sense because the sexy star loves baseball, too. She’ll be reading from her new baseball book next week in Bay Ridge. Comments (3)

Authors may want to plead the ‘fourth,’ thanks to Heights college prize

For some novelists, the fourth time’s the charm — especially if they win a new prize being offered to fourth novelists by St. Francis College. Comment

Graffiti war comes to DUMBO

DUMBO: There’s a new chapter in the never-ending war between graffiti writers and the police — a book penned by a retired cop has sparked outrage in the scribbling community. Comments (2)
Brooklyn Heights: The writing on the wall — “Building sold!” — scared some book lovers, but the good news is that Heights Books will live on. Comments (1)

Rushdie, still facing fatwa, to appear in Heights

Brooklyn Heights: Millions of Muslims want him dead — but you can see Salman Rushdie live in Brooklyn Heights next month. Comment
Fort Greene: A prominent black bookstore and publisher in Fort Greene will close next month, its owner says, because the Department of Education cancelled a lucrative deal to buy textbooks from it. Comments (11)
Williamsburg: Williamsburg hipster chicks will eat you alive, says this graphic artist in a new collection of comic stories. Comments (1)

The secrets of love…in one book!

DUMBO: Ben Karlin, a former “Daily Show” and “Colbert Report” writer, will read from his book about bad breakups on Feb. 13 in DUMBO. Comment

Ace of clubs! Author Henkin will visit your book group

Park Slope: Call him the anti-Salinger. Call him a shameless self-promoter. Hey, just call him — he’ll show up at your book club! Comment

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