‘Zombie’ jamboree! Patton Oswalt at Warsaw on Jan. 8

Greenpoint: Patton Oswalt may be the least likely Renaissance man. Comment
DUMBO: The former Brooklynite signs copies of his commemorative book on his greatest movie. Comment

Nadia Kalman has crafted a ‘Fiddler’ for these times

Red Hook: Finally, “Fiddler on the Roof” gets a 21st-century reboot. Comments (1)

Paul Murray reads a funny book at Word on Sunday

Greenpoint: This writer is deadly funny. Comment

Christian Lander’s ‘White’ stuff

The “Stuff White People Like” blogger is back. Comments (2)

Comic book opens the vault

Sunset Park: One of the country’s biggest collections of comic books will be opened to the public for the first time ever this weekend. Comment

Keeping up with the stuff hipsters hate

Checkin’ in with: Brooklyn bloggers Andrea Bartz and Brenna Ehrlich celebrate hipster eccentricities with an anthropologist’s intensity. Comments (10)

That Rushdie really is a legend

Park Slope: And you can meet him on Tuesday at PowerHouse in DUMBO. Comments (1)
Greenpoint: Sarah Glidden thought she was leaving her art studio in Greenpoint for a 10-day trip through Israel, but it turns out she was embarking on a deeply personal and spiritual journey. Comment

Another chance to get ‘Baked’

Red Hook: The dudes behind the beloved Red Hook bakery, Baked, are sharing their secrets — again — with “Baked Explorations: Classic American Desserts.” Comment

War stories at the Old Stone House next Thursday

Park Slope: Four vets share the hell of battle in the heart of a peacenik neighborhood. Comment
Williamsburg: Since Robert Zimmerman changed his name to Bob Dylan, he’s transfixed, confused, annoyed and inspired generations of listeners. Chief among them Greil Marcus. Comments (1)
Greenpoint: This just inked: the ultimate in literary fandom. Comments (4)
Boerum Hill: As Fred Van Lente’s climbed the ladder at Marvel, he’s sent Spider-Man climbing up the side of buildings in Red Hook, put a supervillain lair in Gowanus, set up a vampire club in DUMBO and staged a battle between super heroes and the Olympus Gods on the waterfront. Comments (1)

Another ‘Great’ work from Nicole Krauss’s big desk

Park Slope: The author will read from her new book on Saturday at the Brooklyn Public Library. Comments (1)
Greenpoint: Meet graphic memoirists Martin Lemelman and Julia Wertz at Word Bookshop next week. Comment

‘City of Walls’ duo has a new installment for Comic Con

Park Slope: It all starts this weekend. Comment

Still ‘Rail’ing after all these years

Williamsburg: The Brooklyn Rail puts out a 10th anniversary anthology. Sure, they’re competitors, but, hey, we’re big enough to say, “Good job, guys.” Comments (1)

Remember this — Myla Goldberg is the ‘It’ girl of Brooklyn literature

A new book keeps the “Bee Season” writer humming. Comment

A few of her favorite things

Myla Goldberg gives us a tour of her Kensington. Comment

Now you can cook like the Brooklyn pros

The borough’s restaurant scene has never been hotter — and now it finally has its own cookbook. Comment

You can’t ‘Beet’ this salad

A free recipe from “The New Brookly Cookbook.” Comment
Gowanus: A jackhammer cracks the road open, a car alarm blares and the F train brings a rumble of thunder from above every 10 minutes. Comments (1)

Brooklyn — In Dean Haspiel’s words

Dean Haspiel can talk as much as a draws. Here are some of his insights into his work, career and, of course, Brooklyn. Comment

Man says we should stop drinking coffee! What, is he nuts?!

Checkin’ in with: This guy says that caffeine makes us fatter and more stressed out. Yeah, and what’s the downside? Comments (15)

Comic book artist’s graphic view of Katrina

Fort Greene: Josh Neufeld was just another comic book artist until Hurricane Katrina put him on the bestseller list. Comment

Words cascaded like raindrops at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Talk about being brought down to earth! Comment

Now this is a real ‘Stretch’: Neal Pollack, calm and collected?

DUMBO: The famously grumpy author has found a new muse: Yoga. Comment

Better bookmark the entire weekend for Marty’s literary festival

Downtown: This one is going to be better than ever. There’s Krugman! And Rushie! And Auster! And Goldberg! And Shteyngart! And even Sarah Silverman! Comments (1)

Fort Greener’s book follows Holocaust survivors in America

Fort Greene: Ghita Schwarz’s debut is an impressive one with “Displaced Persons.” Comment
Last week, Brooklyn fanboys lost one of their stomping grounds, when Rocketship closed up shop after five years in Cobble Hill. Comments (9)

‘Hellcity’ is a graphic novel with explosive results

Crown Heights: Writer Macon Blair loves his apartment in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, and artist Joe Flood says he’s inspired by living in the borough after moving to Crown Heights from New Jersey nine years ago. So you‘ll have to forgive them for blowing up the Brooklyn Bridge. Comment

Another ‘Super’ reading from Shteyngart this Friday

Fort Greene: Gary Shteyngart has the unique capability to leave you wincing and laughing at the same time, as any satirist worth his salt should do. Comment

Typewriter is key to Carey Wallace’s new romance

Fort Greene: A beautiful and recently married Italian dame is going blind, but nobody believes her except a nutty inventor. In order to help her overcome her disability, he devises a novel machine: the typewriter. Comments (10)

Food smarts for the finicky locavore

Fort Greene: From milking goats and hunting monkfish to working at an organic restaurant, Melanie Rehak gets down and dirty with her food. Comment
Ditmas Park: David Gallaher’s three-bedroom apartment in Ditmas Park and Steve Ellis’s two-family row house in Kensington are separated by only a few blocks. But sometimes the comic book creators are worlds apart. Comment

Lobster shift! Waterfront Book Festival celebrates maritime literature

Red Hook: The waterfront has long been a source of inspiration for Brooklyn writers, from Walt Whitman to Budd Schulberg. Comment

New page for Dyker Heights thanks to 13th Ave. bookstore

Dyker Heights: It’s such a big deal that even Marty showed up at the opening. Comment

Great lineup at the next Franklin Park reading on June 14

Crown Heights: Get your week started with some booze and books. Comment
Joyce Carol Oates, Rosanne Cash, Paul Krugman and Melvin Van Peebles — plus a long list of usual suspects — are the literary luminaries that will fill Borough Hall with their talent at the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sept. 12. Comment

Grab a book, hit the beach!

It’s summer — time to hit the beach. You’ll need your bathing suit, sunblock and a good book. Comment

Lev Grossman is still the ‘Magic’ man

DUMBO: Lev Grossman does not do magic tricks. Comment
Park Slope: A doorway here. A building there. Around every corner in the new graphic novel “Foiled,” Park Slope artist Mike Cavallaro has penciled in glimpses of his neighborhood into the story. Comment

Red Hook author brings world of the projects to life

Red Hook: Growing up in the gritty world of the Red Hook projects, the last thing on Torrey Maldonado’s mind was becoming an author and becoming a role model. Comment
Ditmas Park: Manny Howard has been raising chickens in his Ditmas Park backyard farm since 2007. But he’s not only doing it for the meat. Comments (2)

Red diaper baby! Catch Said Sayrafiezadeh at powerHouse on April 15

DUMBO: Saïd Sayrafiezadeh’s debut memoir, “When Skateboards Will Be Free,” has garnered considerable acclaim for its grace and humor as he detailed a not-so-common childhood — being raised by ardent Socialists in Pennsylvania. Comment
Windsor Terrace: An exclusive interview with a man who knows how to kill the undead! Comments (2)

Toni Morrison leads a true ‘write’ of passage for black authors

Crown Heights: The reining queen of American literature, Toni Morrison, is coming to the borough of writers in yet another Brooklyn celebration of the arts and letters. Comments (1)

Rabbi Harvey rides again!

Rabbi Harvey rides again!

Awesome: Steve Sheinkin’s fictional Wild West spiritual leader tackles his toughest fight ever — the Wisdom Kid — in the latest chapter in the Yiddish-themed saga. Comments (1)

Celebrating a Sloper’s ‘Genius’

Park Slope: The literati of Park Slope turned out to toast author David Shenk on the publication of his latest groundbreaking work, “The Genius in All of Us — Why Everything You’ve Been Told About Genetics, Talent and IQ is Wrong.” Comment
Park Slope: Lock up your daughters! The women from the sex toy shop Babeland have written a “How to” book! Comments (11)

Nick Flynn loses himself and his country in new memoir

Cobble Hill: The Cobble Hill poet tortures himself over torture in the scintillating book, “The Ticking is the Bomb.” Comments (2)

An explosive excerpt from ‘The Ticking is the Bomb’

Cobble Hill: The function of torture in our society is not about getting information, in spite of what we might want to believe. It is merely about power. It tells the world that there is now no limit to what we will […] Comment

It’s a wild ride on this ‘Ferris’ wheel

Crown Heights: Author Josh Ferris is back with a new book about a guy with a disease that makes him walk and walk and walk. It’s a metaphor, silly. Comments (1)

An excerpt from ‘The Unnamed’

Crown Heights: Read for yourself! Comment

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