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Greenpoint: He’s leading a life of spice. Comment

Oy to the world! Rabbi discusses Jewish X-mas traditions

Williamsburg: It’s a Christmas mitzvah! Comments (2)

Truck no! Coney Island civic panel pans proposal to park a single food truck outside Asser Levy Park

Bay Ridge: They’re not trucking around. Comments (6)
Park Slope: Fans of an old-timey style of bagel that fell out of fashion around the turn of the 21st century can now find their beloved bread of the past in Park Slope, at a new sister shop of popular Cobble Hill delicatessen Shelsky’s of Brooklyn that opened on Monday. Comments (3)

Herb is the word: Five-course eatery opens near Bklyn Museum

Prospect Heights: This pop-up crew has settled down! Comments (2)
Bay Ridge: The Coney Island outpost of Wahlburgers — the burger chain owned by famous siblings Mark, Donnie, and Paul Wahlberg — will temporarily close its doors this winter for the second year in a row. Comment
Prospect Heights: The last decade has given them a latke love! Comment
Sunset Park: Hop on the slopes! Comment

Ice cream bar: New Oddfellows in Dumbo plans to serve booze

DUMBO: Everyone screams for ice cream! And for beer! Comment
Williamsburg: The 11th-annual Toast of Brooklyn wine festival, held in Williamsburg on Saturday, brought about 1,000 booze enthusiasts to the sixth and seventh floors above William Vale park. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: Play the final coda for Cody’s. Comments (7)
Breaking Chews: The foodies behind Smorgasburg are moving the outdoor festival inside for the first time this fall, bringing versions of the grub hub to a massive space within Fort Greene’s Atlantic Center Mall, and to a Williamsburg venue in collaboration with hipster publisher Vice Media. Comments (2)
Breaking Chews: These machines are on a roll! Comments (1)

Donuts? Yes, do! Drafthouse now offers donuts for dessert

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: The food at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is much better than it needs to be. Comments (8)
Breaking Chews: A food stand hawking bites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner opened in Downtown’s Albee Square on Monday, offering locals who live and work in the neighborhood a new spot to snag grab-and-go grub. Comments (18)

Veg out! Vegan eatery offers plant-based comfort foods

Carroll Gardens: It’s vegan food made for the masses. Comments (3)
Bar Scrawl: Our drinking illustrator gets freaky at the brewery by the beach. Comment

Buzzy brunch: Coney Island brewery puts cereal bowl in a bottle

Bay Ridge: Wake up and smell the beer! Comments (1)
Williamsburg: Fill ’er up! Comment
Breaking Chews: Bigwigs at southern fried chicken joint Chick-fil-A are dropping gobs of cash to transform a neglected Flatbush Avenue storefront near the Barclays Center into the chain’s first Kings County location, according to the landlord who leased the space. Comments (9)
Greenpoint: We’ll finally get our piece of the pie! Comments (1)
Bay Ridge: Call it the gold standard of burgers. Comment
Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: Got milk punch? Comment
Gowanus: The best beer comes from Brooklyn — and that’s official! Comment
Bushwick: Call them ladies who lager. Comments (1)
Breaking Chews: A new caterer recently set up shop inside Prospect Park’s Boathouse after another chef sent stewards of Brooklyn’s Backyard scrambling to fill its kitchen when he abruptly vanished in the heat of wedding season last summer. Comment
Williamsburg: It’s no fairy tale! Comment
Breaking Chews: Hungry Kings Countians trekked Downtown on Thursday to savor locally made treats from dozens of vendors at the Brooklyn Eats food-and-beverage trade show. Comments (2)
Bay Ridge: A well-known talk show host in the Eurasian country of Azerbaijan started anew as a no-name restaurateur in Gravesend after leaving his native land following a controversial episode of his series that angered members of its ruling class. Comments (1)
Bay Ridge: He’s keeping Coney Island hopping! Comment
Photo Galleries: Braven Brewing, Grimm Ales, and Stillwater will open in the next few months. Comments (1)

Mustard mobile: ‘Hot Dog Bus’ offers free franks

DUMBO: Hot diggety! You can chow down on a free hot dog served fresh from an overstuffed, vaguely bun-shaped bus that will be parked in Brooklyn Bridge Park every weekend until Aug. 26. Comment
Downtown: This food fest is fresher than ever! Comment
Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: Bartenders at a Prospect-Lefferts Gardens watering hole are waking up at the crack of dawn to serve liquid breakfasts to local football fans looking for a spot to watch the World Cup — even if it means kissing sleep goodbye for the next month. Comments (2)
Bushwick: They took a bite out of Bushwick! Comment
Williamsburg: No more tokens! Comment
Williamsburg: Talk about having your pick! Comment
Williamsburg: Want to get really high? Comments (1)
Ditch the beer bust for the beer bus! Comments (1)
Bay Ridge: Guyana’s favorite food is in stock. Comments (2)
Brooklyn Heights: And this time, it is for good. Comments (4)
Bay Ridge: He wants you to chow down and chat up. Comment
Leaves of Grass: The owner of a Greenpoint café is pouring a $6 cup of coffee infused with a chemical extracted from a strain of cannabis that she claimed actually increases productivity — because she feeds her baristas the concoction before they get behind the counter each day. Comments (5)

The beans from Oz: Park Slope coffee shop is latest Australian import

Park Slope: Welcome to Brooklyn, mates! Comments (1)
Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: Two cultures meet on a dish. Comments (1)
Sunset Park: A bar set to open on 39th Street between Third and Fourth avenues will cause the same late-night nuisances as the seedy establishment that previously occupied the space, complained locals at a recent community-board meeting. Comment
Williamsburg: They’re rolling in dough! Comments (2)

Mangia en espanol! New pasta spot has Spanish flare

It’s not your nonna’s cooking! Comment
Gowanus: Buffalo fans, won’t you come out tonight? Comment
Awesome: It’s the Sahadi’s experience — on steroids! Comment

Soy meats world: Vegan burger joint opens Brooklyn outpost

Fort Greene: It’s time to veg out! Comment
Park Slope: A native Italian opened a vegan and vegetarian eatery in Park Slope that puts a healthy twist on some of her favorite red-sauce staples. Comment

Great Scott! Celebrate Scottish poet Robert Burns with verse and haggis

Greenpoint: It’s Burns, baby, Burns! Comments (1)

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