Wild Brooklyn: Brooklyn’s not-so-cute furry friends
Bay Ridge: Addled raccoons possibly infected with the dog-killing distemper virus are wandering out of Prospect Park and onto the streets of surrounding neighborhoods, according to numerous residents who reported no less than three sightings. Comments (3)
Park Slope: A virus spreading among local raccoons has infected twice as many critters in Prospect Park than previously reported, with up to 15 masked bandits now potentially serving as hosts for distemper — an illness fatal to dogs and other common pets — according to officials. Comments (4)
Park Slope: If you see a raccon acting like a zombie in Prospect Park, go the other way. Comments (1)
Civilian anti-crime group the Guardian Angels is expanding its Kings County ranks to include some ferocious felines in order to combat the borough’s epidemic of cheese-stealing crooks — the rats! Comments (3)
Bay Ridge: Raccoons and other varmints are overrunning the suburban neighborhood, locals say, and social media is awash with pictures of the furry creatures. Comments (8)
Park Slope: These Brooklynites love their Mother! Comment

On the hook: Species that live in the Gowanus Canal

Gowanus: Brooklynites who think sea creatures can’t survive in the toxic canal that has claimed the lives of dolphins and whales might be surprised to know just how many species they recognize from menus and seafood markets that allegedly thrive in its murky waters. Comments (1)
Park Slope: A park worker rescued three young swans from Prospect Park Lake early Sunday morning after plummeting temperatures incited a flash freeze that trapped the cygnets in ice. Comments (3)

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