Column: There’s an election next week!

The Right View: Although it has garnered little attention, there is an election for NYC Public Advocate next Tuesday, November 5th. This official is first in line to succeed the mayor and acts as an ombudsman between residents and city government. The race can be framed as a symbolic referendum on the criminal justice reforms that have taken hold in our city and state, and be a harbinger of state legislative races next year. Comment

Column: Whimp Max Rose caves to Radical Left

The Right View: Last week, Congressman Max Rose demonstrated that he doesn’t have any political backbone when he folded like a cheap suit after it was reported that he had a primary opponent. After over a year of obfuscation on his position, Rose gave in to the pressure of the radical left to join the impeachment drive against President Trump. Comments (5)

Column: Sarsour has got to go!

The Right View: Last Sunday at City Hall Park, a consortium of organizations sponsored a rally titled, “Name It To Fight It. It’s Anti-Semitism!” The purpose was to call on city and national leaders to call out anti-Semitism by name and fight it. Several Democrats were also part of the event including former Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind and local Councilman Chaim Deutsch. Comments (2)

Column: Rikers isn’t perfect, but it’s what New York City needs

The Right View: Unfortunately, the plan to close Rikers Island took two more significant steps forward last week. This effort is just another chapter in the criminal justice reform lunacy movement that has taken over our city and state. Comments (3)

Column: Mayor’s presidential campaign is influencing his NYC policy decisions

The Right View: The decision to fire Daniel Pantaleo was about Mayor de Blasio catering to far-left and minority voters during his near comical presidential run. Indeed, his actions as Mayor this term have all related to his campaign and not the welfare of and fiduciary responsibilities he has to the taxpayers and residents of New York City. Comments (3)

Column: Brooklyn’s J’Ouvert could be a recipe for bloodshed

The Right View: Unfortunately, more shootings, injuries, and death are virtually guaranteed at the annual J’Ouvert festival in Crown Heights on Sept. 2. Comments (25)

Column: Politics come second to family

The Right View: About a year ago, an editor of this newspaper recommended that I write about how my wife and I, who are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, manage peace between us in these divisive times in our nation. He thought readers would be interested. Comment

Column: The battle within the Democratic party

The Right View: From Washington, to Albany, to our five boroughs, there is an all out war among Democrats between their new relentless progressive movement and traditional mainstream. Comments (11)

Column: Rose should support call for Omar to be removed from foreign affairs committee

The Right View: Last Sunday, a part of 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge was the site of dueling protests, where protesters outside of Congressman Max Rose’s office had to be separated by police. Comments (45)

Column: Mayor de Blasio’s ‘right’ lie on NYC hate crimes

The Right View: This week, our columnist writes about the concerning rise of anti-Semitism in New York City. Comments (23)

Column: There’s still hope for the red parties in New York

The Right View: This week, our columnist writes about the future of New York’s red parties. Comments (26)

On Gay City News: Political leaders push to keep LGBTQ voice on City Council

Recognizing that all five gay members of the City Council face term limits at the end of 2021, a group of queer political leaders, including some of the current councilmembers, gathered at City Hall on May 22 to announce an initiative to ensure that the Council will continue to have LGBTQ members after the citywide elections two years from now. Comments (16)

Cuomo signs local pol’s speed camera expansion bill into law

Bay Ridge: Say cheese! Comments (15)

Column: Future of criminal justice in NYC up in the air

The Right View: This week, our columnist writes about the future of criminal justice in New York City. Comments (4)

Rose all over the place standing up to radical colleagues

The Right View: This week, our columnist writes about Rep. Max Rose’s reaction following comments made by fellow Rep. Ilhan Omar. Comments (8)

How the state budget could potentially harm city dwellers

The Right View: This week, our columnist writes about the potentially negative impacts of recently passed state budget. Comments (9)

Protestors demand Midwood councilman resign after controversial tweet

Bay Ridge: This protest definitely exists. Read more…

DA’s Justice 2020 plan calls for reform, but at what cost?

The Right View: This week, our columnist writes about the potentially negative impacts of the district attorney’s new plan to steer many lawbreakers away from prison, and toward so-called non-jail resolutions. Comments (6)

Council calls on Albany to pass speed-camera expansion bill

Bay Ridge: It’s not camera shy! Comments (7)

Every person deserves dignity in their last days

The Right View: This week, our columnist checks his aunt into a local hospice facility, where the “extraordinary” service makes him wonder why all health-care facilities aren’t held to such humane standards. Comments (4)
Midwood: Thousands of left-leaning locals packed Brooklyn College’s East Quad on Saturday to watch borough son, Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, deliver the first rally of his recently announced 2020 presidential campaign. Comments (25)

A closer look at the leadership shakeups within local, state red parties

The Right View: The game of musical chairs among leadership of one powerful red party in local politics recently ended — just as a similar shuffle is reportedly beginning within another group of borough politicos. Comments (4)

Turncoat Dem’s days in party may be numbered

Party Line: He’s on thin ice! Comments (21)

Ridge state pol pushing bill to ban supervised injection sites

Bay Ridge: Mayor DeBlasio’s plan to open a local facility where drug users can inject heroin under the supervision of trained-overdose technicians could collapse, if state legislators approve a new bill introduced by a Bay Ridge state pol. Comments (18)

Dems’ immigration rhetoric prioritizes politics over safety

The Right View: Democrats’ outrage over the possible deportation of an undocumented delivery man arrested at Fort Hamilton, and silence after a reported illegal immigrant and gang member allegedly shot a man to death on a city subway platform, proves they prioritize the politics of immigration above else, according to our columnist. Comments (14)
Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: Call it his local victory lap! Comment

The GOP’s road to ousting Rose

The Right View: Our Courier columnist weighs in on the pool of Republican candidates already jockeying to run against newly elected Democratic Rep. Max Rose, and why anyone seriously considering the Rock-to-Ridge congressional seat must run a solid campaign in Kings County. Comments (36)

Won’t count them out: Sunset Park civic gurus lay out plan to ensure area immigrants participate in census

Sunset Park: Sunset Park civic gurus recently kicked off a grass-roots effort to encourage area immigrants to participate in the looming 2020 Census. Comments (8)

Early-bird contenders vie for Canarsie councilman’s seat

Party Line: They’ve got their eyes on his prize! Comments (1)
Bay Ridge: They assembled to honor their new assemblywoman! Comments (2)

DeBlasio’s problem with addiction

The Right View: Our columnist argues that in the mayor’s ongoing quest to make New York the fairest big city in America, he has become one of the biggest enablers of drug addicts in Brooklyn and beyond. Comments (1)

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