Mean Streets
Bike lanes were an ongoing source of outrage all year long. Comment
It may be the first time that a chamber group is named after a controversial city transportation strategy — but remember people, this is Brooklyn. Comments (23)
Downtown: Borough President Markowitz turned Scrooge on Thursday by turning down a gift two-wheeler from cycling activists who showed up at Borough Hall to complain — in song! — about his anti-bike lane stance. Comments (10)

Tish backs the bike lane slowdown

Fort Greene’s councilwoman signs onto a Southern Brooklyn lawmaker’s bill to require hearings before new bike lane’s could be installed. Comments (15)

Mean Streets special: Marty sings his contempt for bike lanes at hearing

Borough President Markowitz is so opinionated about bike lanes, that he’s even singing about them! Comments (53)
Red Hook: The Swedish furniture giant Ikea, which strongly objected to a new bike lane in front of its Red Hook store earlier this year, just gave every one of its workers — wait for it! — a new bicycle! Comments (8)

Survey says! Prospect Park West bike lane is a hit!

Park Slope: Mend it — don’t end it! Comments (22)

Dead cyclist’s mother fights on to fix McGuinness

Greenpoint: More than six months after the death of a pedestrian on McGuinness Boulevard, the victim’s mother has grown frustrated over the police’s handling of the case and the city’s slow response towards calming one of Brooklyn’s meanest streets. Comments (7)
Boerum Hill: They say that kids shouldn’t play with guns, but students at PS 261 are using them to save their own lives. Comments (4)

Up a tree! Chair has been stuck in branches since tornado

Park Slope: A white plastic chair has been lodged in a Park Slope tree since the vicious tornado in September — and is on pace to overtake the baby stroller as the iconic symbol of the neighborhood. Comments (3)

Cyclist speaks: ‘I was doored!’

Park Slope: A driver’s carelessness in opening a car door — not a collision with another vehicle, as witnesses reported — caused a serious cycling accident on Sixth Avenue last week, according to the biker who broke a hip and an arm in the ugly crash. Comments (17)
Dyker Heights: The city’s latest “exit strategy” for a controversial Dyker Heights intersection has some members of a local panel scratching their heads because the plan doesn’t take into account new bike lanes — which the same agency is proposing. Comments (10)
Designers unveiled three ways to tame the cavernous Brooklyn–Queens Expressway trench on Monday night — but city officials are already expressing concern over how to pay for any scheme bold enough to “fix the ditch.” Comments (2)
You’ve heard of sidewalk cafes — now here come the parking lane cafes. Comments (17)

Exciting dog rescue on Ocean Parkway

Call it “win Diesel” as firefighters free trapped bulldog. Comments (7)

Bikers beware! Two more cyclists hit in as many days

Park Slope: Two cyclists were sent flying from their bikes in separate incidents within a block of each other Sunday and Monday. Comments (22)

More cars hit by vandals

Park Slope: It’s a smashing spree. Comments (2)

More vandalism against gas guzzlers on PPW!

Park Slope: Four more gas guzzlers were vandalized on Prospect Park West early this morning, the second attack against big cars in as many days. Comments (16)

These thugs targeted gas guzzlers in PPW vandalism

Park Slope: Someone hates gas guzzlers in Park Slope. Comments (8)
Park Slope: The Prospect Park West bike lane has aced the city’s first test — though opponents claim that officials cheated. Comments (38)
Fort Greene: Jeff Sherman has been hit by a car at the intersection of Washington and Atlantic avenues for the last time — and now he’s doing something about it. Comments (4)
Park Slope: Supporters vastly outnumbered opponents in dueling rallies over the Prospect Park West bike lane on Thursday morning, as 250 cyclists rallied in Grand Army Plaza and then took a victory lap roughly four dozen opponents gathered just to the south. Comments (44)
Park Slope: On the eve of a protest and counter-protest regarding the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane, the Beep forcefully reiterated his die-hard opposition, and took a few more shots at his nemesis, the Department of Transportation. Comments (92)

Bay Ridge panel now supports two bike lanes — if city helps cars, too.

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge’s community board flip-flopped on its opposition to bike lanes on Tuesday night, saying that two new cycle routes on Bay Ridge Parkway and Shore Road could be a good thing — for drivers! Comments (6)
Park Slope: An influential Park Slope restaurant owner is pushing for a plaza a dead-end portion of Fourth Street that would eliminate around 30 parking spaces, setting the stage for yet another showdown between pedestrians and drivers. Comments (11)

Survey says! Prospect Park West bike lane is still very controversial

Park Slope: The Prospect Park West bike lane remains so controversial that 800 people filled out an online survey on the first day it was posted. Comments (47)
Brooklyn Heights: The score is settled for parking in Brooklyn Heights: God 1, cyclists 0. Comments (27)
Park Slope: The city has found a triangular solution to the traffic problems on Flatbush Avenue from Atlantic Avenue to Grand Army Plaza. Comments (3)

Tish: To fix arena parking mess, locals should pay for spots

Atlantic Yards: A key opponent to the Atlantic Yards mega-development and arena is now pushing for a parking system that would force locals, many of whom opposed the project in the first place, to pay to park in the neighborhoods around it. Comments (12)

City still pushing parking meter price hike in Slope

Park Slope: Park Slope community leaders continue to slam the brakes on a scheme that would jack up the price of parking in the spot-challenged neighborhood by a whopping 33 percent, and stretch the hours when those rates are in effect. Comments (8)

Ghost bike for Denver gal

Clinton Hill: The borough’s 28th memorial for a cyclist marks the death of Jasmine Herron. Comments (1)
A much-ballyhooed law that is supposed to allow bicycle commuters to bring their wheels into their offices has gone flat in Brooklyn. Comments (5)

Man loses leg in Eighth Avenue crash

Park Slope: A wayward livery cab driver sparked a bloody car accident on Saturday that left three people hospitalized — one with a mangled leg — at the corner of Eighth Avenue and 11th Street. Comments (5)
Clinton Hill: A 24-year-old motorist from Staten Island was arrested on Sept. 11 after she sparked a chain of events that led to the horrific death of a bicyclist near the corner of Atlantic and Washington avenues, but then refused to admit her role in the tragedy. Comments (14)

Another bike lane spat! City will block off ‘loading zones’ on Prospect Park West

Park Slope: The city is still fine-tuning its Prospect Park West bike lane — this time installing granite blocks so that drivers won’t use no-parking zones along the 20-block strip as de facto loading zones. Comments (46)

Friendly ‘ghost’! Bike memorials now appear safe from city trashing

Those all-white memorial bikes scattered across the borough may have a new lease on life, after talks between “ghost bike” supporters and the city appear to have led to a compromise that would spare the memorials from new rules designed to rid the streets of “derelict” two-wheelers. Comments (4)

City’s new ghost-bike strategy trashes our grief

Perspective: The Department of Sanitation has just put forward sensible guidelines for declaring when its agents can remove abandoned bikes from city sidewalks. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Dig they might! Comments (24)
DUMBO: Aw, DUMBO — our little neighborhood has finally grown up. Comments (4)

Cycling memorials have a ‘ghost’ of a chance from the city

The city wants to dispose of abandoned and neglected bikes for good, but an innocent victim is likely to be caught up in the sweep: “ghost bikes,” the white memorial two-wheelers affixed to intersections where cyclists are killed. Comments (2)

Here’s a list of all the ghost bike memorials in Brooklyn

There are currently 27 “ghost bike” memorials in Brooklyn, eight in or near our coverage area. Here are the victims and the locations. Comments (3)

Here’s a list of all the ghost bike memorials in Brooklyn

There are currently 27 “ghost bike” memorials in Brooklyn, 16 in our coverage area. Here are the victims and the locations. Comments (2)

I do it to teach cyclists a lesson

Perspective: It’s plain and simple. Bikes are turning this once-beautiful neighborhood into a sewer and an eyesore. They’ve cluttered up the streets so bad, they’re becoming dangerous! Comments (46)

Blame Bloomy, not the ‘Crusader’

Perspective: As a biker, my first instinct was to side against this vigilante. After all, if this man puts Krazy Glue in people’s locks, wouldn’t his actions have the exact opposite effect, making it impossible to remove the deserted bicycles? Wouldn’t it be far better if the gentleman acted in a more socially acceptable manner, and took more conventional actions such as writing a letter to his councilman, or leaving a note, or perhaps clipping the lock on an obviously deserted bike and donating this used bike to charity? Comments (2)

Court Street accident is ugly, but cyclist is only slightly hurt

Cobble Hill: Lady luck must love pizza! Comment
Downtown: Roadwork along the Fulton Mall is causing congestion on neighboring Livingston Street, as four bus lines have been diverted to the already busy Downtown corridor. Comments (1)

Williamsburg Bridge roadwork will be hellish this weekend

Williamsburg: It is life imitating art — as the Williamsburg Bridge will be partially closed this month. Comment
Carroll Gardens: The city wants to replace bus lines killed by the MTA with vans. But can the plan work? One man thinks so. Comments (5)

Report: Prospect Park West bike lane is working

Park Slope: Drivers are much more likely to adhere to posted speed limits on Prospect Park West, thanks to the controversial bike lane that reduced the roadway to two lanes from three, a new study has found. Comments (127)
Gowanus: It’s not just humans who are sweating out this heatwave — the high temps have also gotten to the Ninth Street Bridge. Comments (4)
Atlantic Yards: The area around the new home of the Brooklyn Nets will be anything but a slam dunk for drivers next month as Flatbush Avenue will be narrowed to accommodate construction workers. Comments (8)
Downtown: The Manhattan Bridge is about to undergo a two-year cable reconstruction project — and you’re about to undergo a double-dose of traffic congestion. Comments (7)
Downtown: It’s a mess downtown, as you can see. Comments (3)

Another dead cyclist — and cops hunt hit-and-run truck driver

Williamsburg: A truck driver for a New Jersey-based waste collector who recklessly killed a 24-year-old cyclist in a hit-and-run accident last week remains on the loose. Comments (18)

Lookout, lady! Van Brunt is hard to cross

Red Hook: Red Hookers are in for a dangerous summer, as the city has said it will not re-paint faded crosswalks on busy Van Brunt street until the fall. Comments (3)
Brooklyn Heights: Sign painters to the rescue! Comments (1)

Stinging rebuke of Courier-Life anti-bike editorial!

Perspective: Last week, we gave space to the editorial board of our sister publication. This week, we set the record straight! Comments (27)
Williamsburg: Williamsburg residents castigated city transportation officials on Tuesday night, claiming that the changes that they made on Kent Avenue are not working. Comments (32)

Fountain blues along the Shore Road bike path

Bay Ridge: It’s strictly BYOB — bottles of water, that is — on the Shore Road bike path, and the city’s failure to provide working fountains along the popular leaves cyclists joggers and pedestrians at risk of heat stroke. Comments (4)

You need water — here’s why

Bay Ridge: The hotter it gets, the more you need water — and the city’s failure to provide it along the Shore Road bike path will lead to achy heads and sick stomachs for cyclists, joggers and even pedestrians. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: State officials have slammed the brakes on a controversial plan to eviscerate part of historic Brooklyn Heights in order to modernize the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, conceding on Wednesday night that the shocking scheme is untenable. Comments (5)
Red Hook: A city plan for new bike lanes to the Ikea superstore would be so “dangerous” according to the store’s manager that he’s threatening to renege on some promises to the community if the project goes forward. Comments (22)

From our sister publication — disgust for Slope bikers!

Perspective: We don’t always agree with our friends and colleagues at Courier-Life, but everyone is talking about the Prospect Park West bike lane, so we thought we’d give the Courier editorial board a chance to weigh in, too. Comments (17)

Danger zone! Getting to the new Pier 6 is no joyride

Brooklyn Heights: When it comes to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s new Pier 6 playground, getting there is none of the fun. Comments (9)
Park Slope: The new Prospect Park West bike lane is so controversial that it has caused a war between the neighborhood’s icons of self-righteousness — parents and cyclists. Comments (40)

Bay Ridge to city: No more bike lanes!

Bay Ridge: Fed up with a city that is forcing bike lanes down the throat of neighborhoods that don’t want them, a local panel voted on Monday against a plan to give space to pedal pushers in two new lanes on Bay Ridge Parkway and Shore Road. Comments (27)

Pols on BQE repairs: Our way is the highway!

Brooklyn Heights: A state plan that could rip out a portion of historic Brooklyn Heights to repair the aging Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is nine miles of bad road, local pols said this week. Comments (1)

Get ready to pay more for meter parking in Park Slope

Park Slope: The cost of peak-hour meter parking in Park Slope will go up 33 percent — and the hours that are considered peak could increase under a city plan announced on Thursday night. Comments (5)
Brooklyn Heights: You’re taking your life in your own hands when trying to enter Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park — and developers say it’ll be two more weeks before it’s safe. Comment
Carroll Gardens: Two vehicles collided in a spectacular crash on Smith Street yesterday, causing this 1999 Ford to flip over. Comments (6)

City still trying to get Park Circle right

Kensington: Even the city admits that it hasn’t fixed all the traffic problems at Park Circle. Comment

Fix the BQE? Here are three ways

Brooklyn Heights: A plan to make long-overdue repairs to the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway by tearing down historic homes in Brooklyn Heights is just one of several options that state officials are considering. Here are all the alternatives so far. Comments (3)

The road ahead

The road ahead

Brooklyn Heights: It’s going to take more than a decade to fix the stretch of the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway between Atlantic Avenue and Sands Street, a substandard roadway that is well past the end of its lifespan. Here’s how that process began and will roll on. Comment
Fort Greene: The statue of Gen. Fowler may soon get some swank renovations to his Fort Greene home, thanks to a business group’s plan to completely refurbish the tiny, relatively unused vest-pocket park. Comments (6)

Greenpoint Bridge gives this cyclist 40 stitches!

Greenpoint: The city is about to resurface the Greenpoint Avenue Bridge, but for Queens cyclist, Rafael Aviles, it is too little too late. Comments (20)
Park Slope: Construction is underway on the Prospect Park West bike lane — a controversial measure that the city says will calm traffic, but that has done little to calm Park Slope drivers angry at the possibility of more congestion and less parking. Comments (99)

City retools two-way bike plan for Flushing Avenue

Fort Greene: The city has abandoned its controversial plan to convert Flushing Avenue to a one-way street to accommodate a two-way bike lane, unveiling a new scheme this week that will maintain two-way car flow, yet still provide for a bike lane. Comments (1)

It’s a booze cruise on Columbia St. thanks to beer trucks

Columbia St Waterfront: Columbia Street residents were all for a vibrant port that brought jobs to the community — just not one that came with beer trucks careening down their street. Comments (4)
Dyker Heights: Community Board 10 unanimously rejected the city’s ill-conceived tonic for the dangerous Fort Hamilton Parkway exit from the Gowanus Expressway, demanding that officials consult with the board before implementing another potentially misguided scheme. Comment
Greenpoint: A long-overdue makeover of the Greenpoint Avenue Bridge could soon pit Newtown Creek-area businesses against cyclists in this rapidly changing North Brooklyn neighborhood. Comments (15)

Our video takes you inside the belly of the beast — Grand Army Plaza

Park Slope: The city has a bright idea for fixing Grand Army Plaza — a traffic light on the western spur of the devilish roundabout. But will it work? Editor Gersh Kuntzman and Traffic Correspondent Stephen Brown take you into the belly of the beast — Grand Army Plaza — in this exclusive video. Comments (1)
Dyker Heights: A long-overdue city plan to fix the disastrous Fort Hamilton Parkway exit from the Gowanus Expressway is heading back to the drawing board after residents gave it a thumbs down this week. Comments (1)
Carroll Gardens: The Brooklyn–Queens Expressway trench has divided Carroll Gardens for more than 50 years, but now it’s bringing people together. Comments (2)

Is this the biggest rat in Brooklyn?

Gowanus: After filing Wednesday’s Web exclusive on rats, reporter Gary Buiso knew there was more to the story — and sure enough, there is: a stunning piece of videotape of what could be the biggest rat in Brooklyn. Join Buiso and Editor Gersh Kuntzman as they show you an animal that you won’t soon forget. Comments (1)

Bright idea for Grand Army Plaza — new traffic light in circle of hell

Park Slope: The hair-raising traffic pattern on the western side of Grand Army Plaza will soon be tranquilized by a new red light to deter drivers from jockeying for position at the most dangerous point in what easily could have been Dante’s 10th circle of hell. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: The city has put the brakes on a plan to paint the Brooklyn Bridge a color named after the borough of Queens — and you can thank us! Comments (11)
Park Slope: City officials shot back at opponents of the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane last Thursday, saying that the two-way protected bike path is all about making Park Slope’s notorious speedway safer. Comments (11)
Dyker Heights: The city finally has a plan to fix the mess it made at the Fort Hamilton Parkway exit from the Gowanus Expressway — unveiling a rememdy that includes more pedestrian crossing time, relocating a crosswalk and adding a lane of car traffic to prevent backups. Comments (2)

Lookout at this Williamsburg intersection!

Lookout at this Williamsburg intersection!

Williamsburg: The building boom in Williamsburg has gotten so crazy that a once-quiet intersection has become veritable deathtrap for pedestrians — a crisis so serious that workers nearby dispatch their own flagmen to avoid the inevitable disaster. Comments (6)
Brooklyn Heights: The Brooklyn Bridge is getting the facelift — but Brooklyn Heights is getting the worry lines. Comments (9)
Greenpoint: North Brooklyn’s deadliest road struck again last week, when a man was struck and killed as he tried to cross McGuinness Boulevard — an accident that has left residents outraged that the city has not done more to protect pedstrians. Comments (6)

City to Dyker Heights: We have no plan for Fort Hamilton exit ramp

Dyker Heights: The traffic moves slowly, but the complaints were fast and furious, as Dyker Heights residents slammed the Department of Transportation last week for failing to correct problems the agency caused when it revamped the Fort Hamilton Parkway exit of the Gowanus Expressway. Comments (3)

Cyclist group calls for Flatbush bike lane after fatal crash

A day after an 18-year-old Kensington cyclist was dragged and killed by a driver on Flatbush Avenue, bike advocates called on the city to put a bike lane on the heavily traveled thoroughfare. Comments (10)

It’s a wheely bad time on the Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg: Pedestrians and bicyclists were at each other’s throats this week on the remaining Williamsburg Bridge bike path now that the city has closed the southern lane for repairs that will drag on through the entire spring biking season at least. Comments (14)

Roofus: Bikers are not the problem

Park Slope: Roofus has a definite opinion about the Prospect Park West bike lane controversy. Comments (10)
Park Slope: The city is moving ahead with its long-stalled plan for a two-way protected bike lane on Prospect Park West — despite the continued opposition of Borough President Markowitz and the drivers he says he represents. Comments (23)
Park Slope: Hey, drivers: Happy Tax Day! Comments (4)
Park Slope: And the big hearing is tonight! Wow, this is fun. Comments (4)
Greenpoint: To get a smooth Nassau Avenue, Greenpointers must endure a rocky reconstruction and a few power disruptions this spring. Comments (2)

How about that! Cyclist beats cop’s ticket!

Downtown: Cyclist Nathan Brauer fought the law — and the law didn’t apply. Comments (5)

Is someone going to fix this sidewalk already?

Fort Greene: A road reconstruction project is causing treacherous conditions for pedestrians strolling on the Fort Greene Park side of Dekalb Avenue. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Cyclists are calling for a separation of church and bike lane along a narrow Brooklyn Heights roadway, where every Sunday, parishioners anoint the cyclists’ safe haven as their own personal parking strip. Comments (37)
Shopping: Williamsburg Walks could be getting a lot shorter. Comments (16)
Carroll Gardens: Fresh on the heels of the new Flushing Avenue bike lane, the city unveiled plans for a bike-friendly facelift for Smith Street, turning the much-used approach to the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges much less harrowing. Comments (4)

Crackdown! Cyclists say cops are fining them on Downtown bike routes

Downtown: Riding a bicycle in Downtown Brooklyn can be hazardous — to your bank account. Comments (23)

Wail, Columbia! Reconstruction drags on

Columbia St Waterfront: A stalled street reconstruction project on Columbia Street is paving the way for bad blood between local residents and the city agency charged with overseeing the work. Comment
Fort Greene: Flushing Avenue will sprout a protected, two-way bike lane to link cyclists between the Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg, the city revealed on Tuesday. Comments (8)

City hopes to make the Willy B safer for bikers

Williamsburg: Biking over the Williamsburg Bridge should soon be a lot easier, thanks to a makeover of the ramps on the most heavily cycled bridge in the city. Comments (6)
Coney Island: The Parks Department makes it tougher to park in Coney Island this summer — except for Cyclones fans. Comments (6)

Gersh is back on the bike!

Podcast: Join our biking editor as he makes his maiden two-wheeled commute of the season. Comments (3)

Want to fix Fourth Avenue? Slow ‘em down!

Park Slope: In all the talk about how to fix Fourth Avenue, a consensus is emerging around one single idea: slow those cars down! Comments (16)
Prospect Heights: City officials have pledged — again — to improve conditions for pedestrians at the terrifying intersection of Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue, but some locals are saying that they’ve heard it all before. Comment
Prospect Heights: The horrific hit-and-run accident that critically wounded a mayoral staffer and injured her friend early Sunday morning has put the traffic conditions on Flatbush Avenue in the spotlight, as many are saying the tragedy proves how unsafe the stretch of road is from Grand Army Plaza to the Atlantic Center. Comments (8)
Greenpoint: The state wants you to choose your own billion-dollar bridge! Comments (5)
Clinton Hill: What was once “Murder Avenue” will soon be more deserving of the moniker, “Mellow Avenue.” Comments (1)
Park Slope: Did Marty Markowitz bring the Prospect Park West bike lane to a skidding halt? Comments (25)
Carroll Gardens: The notorious trench portion of the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway would be cleaned up and beautified under a less-than-ambitious proposal put forward by the city late last month. Comments (11)

Slopers are now texting each other to find parking spaces

Park Slope: A group of Park Slope activists are employing social networking — normally useful only for obnoxious status updates and stalking ex-lovers — to engineer a solution to the neighborhood’s notorious parking woes. Comments (7)

Sign of confusion on Washington Avenue is fixed

Prospect Heights: It may be the longest bus stop in all of Brooklyn — but it’s no longer the most confusing. Comment

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