Mean Streets
Park Slope: It’s the path of most resistance. Comments (57)
Brooklyn Heights: A gloomy Atlantic Avenue underpass is getting a makeover. Comments (9)

Police: We rebuilt Bergen Street’s makeshift bike lane barrier

Prospect Heights: Bergen Street’s makeshift bike lane barricade is back — and this time cops say they’re the ones who built it. Comments (36)
Joggers who use bike lanes to escape crowded sidewalks are running afoul of roadway laws — and putting cyclists in danger, leading pedal-pushers and bipeds agree. Comments (37)

Bridging the gap: Lentol pushes for bike lane on Pulaski

Greenpoint: Greenpoint’s Pulaski Bridge will gain a bike lane and lose a lane of automotive traffic if a North Brooklyn politician gets his way. Comments (77)
The dangerous conditions that led to the death of cyclist Mathieu Lefevre remain as hazardous now as they were one year ago today, when a hit-and-run driver killed the 30-year-old artist and ignited a street safety movement that sought to change the city’s traffic enforcement culture. Comments (20)
Bushwick: The Bushwick street where a hit-and-run driver killed cyclist Terence Connor last week must be tamed before it takes another life, neighbors and mourning family members say. Comments (88)

Cyclist killed in Bushwick hit-and-run

Bushwick: A driver hit and killed a bicyclist then fled from the scene on Metropolitan Avenue in Bushwick early this morning, police say. Comments (9)

Meals vs. wheels: Food carts block bike lanes, cyclists say

Downtown: Inconsiderate food vendors who use Downtown bike lanes to haul their carts are recipe for disaster, concerned cyclists say. Comments (42)
Cobble Hill: Now try to get off the BQE. Comments (15)
Riding a unicycle isn’t all fun and games. Comments (8)

Promenade bike backlash: Neighbors angry over rule-breaking cyclists

Brooklyn Heights: Too many cyclists ride on the pedestrian-packed Promenade, ignoring signs and putting park-goers in danger, some regulars at the famous Brooklyn Heights vista say. Comments (24)

Wheels of justice: Lawyer designs bike crash phone app for cyclists in need

Need to sue the jerk who ran you over? There’s an app for that. Comments (1)

Big islands! City to widen Fourth Avenue medians

Park Slope: Fourth Avenue’s pedestrian islands will get fatter under a city plan intended to make crossing the treacherous street feel less like a game of Frogger. Comments (24)

Will makeshift bike lane inspire a Prospect Heights roadway redesign?

Prospect Heights: The vigilante cyclist who constructed this barrier out of traffic pylons sure hopes so. Comments (24)

Prospect Heights inventor designs shiny, light-up bike helmet for cycling safety

Prospect Heights: Shine on you crazy cyclists. Comments (8)

Bergen Street’s make-shift bike lane barrier is no more

Prospect Heights’ do-it-yourself bicycle route has ceased to be. Comments (27)

Rampant double-parking makes Dean Street a mean street, cyclists say

Motorists flagrantly break the law by double-parking on Dean Street, say angry cyclists who claim the rampant rule-flaunting puts their lives in peril. Comments (47)
The borough’s most iconic landmark deserves a makeover to appease crowds of speeding cyclists and ambling tourists who frequent it every day, two councilmen say. Comments (50)
Downtown: Our readers have spoken, and we’re ready to name the single most terrifying bicycle path in the borough. Comments (36)

Thieves poach Brooklyn’s ghost bikes for parts

Looters are stealing the parts from ghost bikes, desecrating the white-painted memorials to cyclists killed on the borough’s streets, according to bicycle activists. Comments (50)

Cyclist’s makeshift bike lane barricade stops cops cars from blocking path

Prospect Heights: A vigilante cyclist jury-rigged a street barrier to keep cop cars from double-parking on a Prospect Heights bike lane. Comments (102)
Cyclists say cars often double-park on Jay Street, obstructing the bike lane and forcing them into traffic. But is Jay Street really worse than Fifth Avenue, Bedford Avenue, or the Brooklyn Bridge? Let us know by voting for the borough’s most terrifying bike lane. Comments (55)
Cops in three Brownstone Brooklyn precincts ticketed just two speeding motorists for the second straight month — a disturbing trend that could cost pedestrians their lives, politicians fear. Comments (36)

Finding parking on Atlantic Avenue will get a whole lot easier

Boerum Hill: Atlantic Avenue will become a parking paradise and that’s easier for pedestrians to cross, say Boerum Hill neighbors and merchants who convinced the city to ease no-standing regulations on the busy roadway after nearly two decades. Comments (21)

Speed limit to be reduced in Boerum Hill

Boerum Hill: Drivers whizzing through Boerum Hill better ease off the gas now that the quiet brownstone enclave is getting Brooklyn’s first speed limit-reducing “slow zone.” Comments (21)

Brownstone Brooklyn cops must give more speeding tickets, activists say

Police covering a broad swath of Brownstone Brooklyn are turning a blind eye to speeding motorists, say angry street-safety advocates who are outraged over the fact that cops issued just two speeding tickets in the entire month of May. Comments (34)

Cyclists want their own Lafayette Ave. lane — not a shared route with cars

Fort Greene: The city hopes a new road configuration will help cyclists and motorists share Lafayette Avenue — but the Fort Greene group that petitioned for the street redesign fears it won’t do enough to protect bicycle-riders. Comments (51)
The city is giving Prospect Park cyclists the green light — literally. Comments (50)

Bay Ridge to city: We want our own bike lane plan

Bay Ridge: Talk about going off the grid! Comments (18)

City no longer hitting brakes on Slope bike lanes stalled by PPW controversy

Park Slope: The city is rolling out a pair of new Park Slope bike lanes after hitting the brakes on the paths last year amid the controversy over the Prospect Park West cycling route. Comments (67)
Williamsburg: Talk about a long wait for a stoplight. Comments (26)

Golden rival pushing for more bike lanes in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge: State Senate candidate Andrew Gounardes wants to see more bicycles in Bay Ridge — setting the wheels in motion for a showdown with Republican state Sen. Marty Golden, who opposes bike travel on major thoroughfares. Comments (152)

Could cameras tame a deadly Greenpoint street?

Greenpoint: A Greenpoint lawmaker wants to slow traffic on one of Brooklyn’s deadliest streets by catching speeding drivers on camera. Comments (45)
Williamsburg: Some Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights residents are concerned that bike share docks could sacrifice on-street parking, but cyclists say bike docks are just another form of parking. Comments (82)

Rack-y road! Parking spot becomes bike slots in Slope

Park Slope: Replacing a parking spot with bike racks is a different kind of fair trade for the owners of a famous Park Slope coffeehouse. Comments (37)

Slope bike lane critics: Put Plaza Street West cycling path on the sidewalk

Park Slope: Opponents of a much-anticipated cycling route that connects the Prospect Park West bike lane with Park Slope and Prospect Heights want the city to push aside the new path — literally. Comments (54)
Park Slope: Painting the Prospect Park West bike lane isn’t the only part of the controversial project that took a lot of green. Comments (22)

Bad parkers get passive aggressive notes on Prospect Park West

Park Slope: A diehard parking vigilante is trying to rid Park Slope of spot-hogging drivers — one homemade “citation” at a time. Comments (43)

Ridge motorists to city: Keep your hands off 4th Ave. driving lanes

Bay Ridge: Borough President Markowitz wants to breathe new life into Fourth Avenue from Atlantic Avenue to the Verrazano Bridge, but motorists say the Beep shouldn’t remove any car lanes from the busy thoroughfare. Comments (4)
Park Slope: Bicycle boosters say a city plan to install raised concrete islands on the Prospect Park West bike lane proves the cycling path is there for good — but lane opponents claim the cement lumps actually provide a new legal outlet in their fight against the route. Comments (4)

War of words: Driver fights PPW parking ticket over meaning of ‘to’

Park Slope: Justice is blind — and it doesn’t understand English very well, according to one angry Park Slope motorist. Comment

Red Hook cyclist will make your bike glow in the dark

Red Hook: Brooklyn’s streets would be safer if all of the cyclists looked like extras from “Tron.” Comment
A proposed cycling path that veered off-course amid the controversy surrounding the Prospect Park West bike lane is rolling again. Comment

What a drag: Majority of McGuinness drivers break traffic laws

Greenpoint: Drivers on McGuinness Boulevard are speed demons. Comment

Proposed bike law would force cops to investigate all serious crashes

A Williamsburg lawmaker is pushing a bill that would force police to investigate all serious car-on-bike crashes — not just ones in which cyclists lose their lives. Comments (39)

Cyclist and pedestrian collide in another Prospect Park crash

A bicyclist struck a young woman on Prospect Park’s accident-plagued roadway, where the city plans to remove a lane of car traffic to bring order to the street. Comments (77)

Cyclists and pedestrians mourn those killed in car crashes

Williamsburg: It was a day of love and rage. Comments (21)

Hit-and-run trucker goes free because cyclist partly to blame: NYPD

Williamsburg: The driver who struck and killed Mathieu Lefevre escaped prosecution because cops say the bike rider was partly at fault. Comments (30)
Riding a bike too fast in Prospect Park can cause some serious damage — to your wallet. Comments (58)

Councilman targets speeding motorists on Atlantic

Downtown: Steve Levin’s got a gun, and he’s not afraid to use it! Comments (30)

Plan cuts Prospect Park car lane, makes more room bikes and peds

A revolutionary roadway redesign will bring transportation equality to Prospect Park’s main street by removing a lane of car traffic and giving the space to pedestrians and cyclists, park officials say. Comments (58)
Park Slope: City transportation officials removed dozens orange traffic barrels intended to slow cyclists on a crash-prone hill in Prospect Park — and now they want your advice on what to do next. Comments (47)
Park Slope: The city has already spent $140,000 on legal fees to protect the Prospect Park West bike path — and it will likely spend more thanks to an appeal filed by cycling lane opponents. Comments (66)

Drivers cry foul over Fowler Square pedestrian plaza plan

Fort Greene: Fort Greene motorists are lashing out against the city’s plans for a pedestrian plaza between Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue, saying the tiny block of S. Elliott Place is better used as a roadway than as a leafy hangout. Comments (33)

Lawsuit rolls on: Bike lane opponents appeal Prospect Park West ruling

Park Slope: Like a bike with no brakes, the fight over the Prospect Park West bike lane just keeps rolling. Comments (45)

The need for speed bumps: Parents try to tame Cobble intersection

Cobble Hill: Children walking to school will be hit by unseen, speeding cars unless the city installs bumps and mirrors at a dangerous Hicks Street intersection, claim Cobble Hill parents. Comments (72)

Lower speeds for Greenwood Heights?

Greenwood Heights: Greenwood Heights residents want to reduce the speed limit on Sixth Avenue, beginning their own push for a “slow zone” after protesting a similar traffic safety plan in Park Slope that emerged without their input. Comments (24)

Woman injured after SUV crashes into Downtown condo

Downtown: A motorist ran a red on Sunday night, struck another vehicle and crashed into a fancy Downtown high-rise on Boerum Place, according to a witness. Comments (11)

Foot patrols for footbridge

Cops say they’re planning to increase enforcement on a treacherous Fort Greene overpass where teens have tossed bricks at cyclists and started targeting cars. Comments (25)
Carroll Gardens: Three new traffic lights will tame Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, slowing motorists and cyclists while protecting pedestrians who are beginning flock to the neighborhood’s burgeoning waterfront, city officials say. Comments (15)
Park Slope: Park Slope residents who want the speed limit reduced think “twenty is plenty” — but Greenwood Heights neighbors say not so fast. Comments (50)
Carroll Gardens: The parents of a cyclist killed by a trucker driver in Williamsburg say newly obtained survaillenace videos and police documents prove the man behind the wheel should be held responsible. Comments (14)
Brooklyn Heights: Crossing Atlantic Avenue to reach Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 will no longer be a dangerous game of “Frogger” for park-goers after the city stops allowing motorists to make right turns on red. Comments (11)

Public housing residents: Bike lane fence is offensive

Fort Greene: Residents of two Fort Greene housing projects want the city to come up with a way to protect cyclists from brick-throwing teens that’s smarter and less stigmatizing than a cage-like fence. Comments (65)
Park Slope: What can the city do to make Prospect Park’s dangerous downhill safe for pedestrians and cyclists? Comments (126)
Williamsburg: The parents of Mathieu Lefevre say that surveillance footage from a Morgan Avenue warehouse will reveal the truth about how their son died. The artist was killed three months ago in a tragic hit-and-run but cops never pressed charges. Comments (19)

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