Mean Streets
Park Slope: The city’s plan to slow down cars on Prospect Park West by replacing a lane of traffic with a two-way bike lane hasn’t decreased the amount of accidents in the area, city data shows. Comments (32)

Slopers: How can we be calm at a time like this?

Park Slope: The city snubbed Park Slope’s request for traffic-calming measures in 2011, but it might reconsider now that pressure is mounting from residents, an official said after a meeting to brainstorm ways to make streets safer on Tuesday night. Comments (60)
Park Slope: Officials are inviting Slopers to sound off about traffic enforcement in the wake of a 12-year-old being killed by a van in October on Prospect Park West and protesters calling for lowered speed limits citywide early last week. Comments (23)

Signed up! Protesters line Prospect Park West with 20-mile-per-hour speed limit signs

Park Slope: A crew of road safety activists sick of waiting for the city to lower speed limits took matters into their own hands on Saturday night, stringing up faux speed limit signs along Prospect Park West, where a 12-year-old boy was killed by a van in early October. Comment

Signed up! Protesters line Prospect Park West with 20-mile-per-hour speed limit signs

Park Slope: A crew of road safety activists sick of waiting for the city to lower speed limits took matters into their own hands on Saturday night, stringing up faux speed limit signs along Prospect Park West, where a 12-year-old boy was killed by a van in early October. Comments (70)

Slopers: Dump the humps

Park Slope: A Park Slope block got two new speed humps last week, to the surprise of some residents who had breathed a sigh of relief when an earlier set was removed for repaving. Comments (7)

Slow ride: Speed limit to dip to 20 mph in parts of Heights

Brooklyn Heights: A Brooklyn Heights institution’s battle to slow down cars in the neighborhood — which it kicked into high-gear after one of it’s own was struck by a vehicle and killed earlier this year— is starting to pay off. Comments (19)
Kensington: The deadly Kensington cross-walk is getting a safety fix after a months-long push. Comments (23)

Lane change! White stripe erasure leads to commuter chaos

This is what happens when you make roads without rules. Comments (39)

Motorcyclist dies, and Greenpointers demand cops clamp down on drag racing

Greenpoint: Greenpoint residents are demanding police halt the speeding and drag racing they say has consumed the north end of the neighborhood for years now that a teenager has died. Comments (20)
Brooklyn Heights: Shop owners who expected to cash in on the CitiBike bikeshare program by stocking up on safety gear are disappointed to discover the dilettante cyclists don’t care about helmets. Comments (49)

Democracy at work! Park Slopers approve Fourth Avenue slow-down plan

Park Slope: Community Board 6 approved of a traffic-slowing plan that reduces car lanes in both directions from three to two to make room for wider parking spaces and fatter pedestrian islands — after the city made some minor changes to it. Comments (33)

Cop busted for driving drunk Downtown on Independence Day

Downtown: An off-duty cop was arrested Downtown for getting behind the wheel after allegedly boozing it up on the Fourth of July, cops said. Comments (4)
Kensington: The state has blood on its hands, say Kensington residents who demand the state make a deadly intersection safer. Comments (13)
Park Slope: Members of a local panel reversed course and shot down a major city plan to slow traffic on a dangerous stretch of Fourth Avenue in Park Slope on Wednesday night, calling the proposal “radical” and “ridiculous.” Comments (88)

Ridge board committee hints it wants to slow down Fourth Avenue cars

Bay Ridge: Community Board 10’s traffic panel voted to approve the majority of the city’s proposal for massive changes to Fourth Avenue in the neighborhood. Comments (10)

Victims cry: Slow down Fourth!

Bay Ridge: Victims of deadly Fourth Avenue’s raceway-like atmosphere showed up in force on Wednesday night to convince car-friendly members of Community Board 10 that they should approve a plan aimed at significantly slowing down traffic on the dangerous boulevard. Comments (17)

Finally! A valet for bikes!

Prospect Heights: The Barclays Center and Transportation Alternatives shook up the pedal-pushing world yesterday when they announced plan to valet bikes during a concert by a hometown band. Comments (36)

Bicyclist, 74, killed while riding in Hurst

Bensonhurst: It was a bloody Memorial Day weekend in Bensonhurst, where two people died in separate car collisions. Comments (5)
Transit: Residents across Southern Brooklyn are breathing a collective sigh of relief that they’re being spared the wrath of CitiBike. Comments (67)
Kensington: Firefighters rescued a woman who was trapped inside a flipped ambulance on Friday morning. Comments (9)

Need for speed: Ridgites square off over Fourth Ave slow-down plan

Bay Ridge: Members of a Bay Ridge panel who attacked a plan by the city to slow down traffic along dangerous Fourth Avenue got rear-ended by one of the group’s traffic experts, who claimed the nay-sayers are most likely part of the problem on the strip. Comments (34)
Park Slope: The city want to turn one of Brooklyn’s most car-friendly strips into a pedestrian paradise. Comments (37)

Barrier Ridge: New city traffic plan includes Manhattan-style pedestrian fencing

Bay Ridge: Manhattan-style pedestrian barricades could come to Bay Ridge if a city plan comes to fruition. Comments (23)
Fort Greene: A group of cyclists who feared two-wheeling on Brooklyn’s mean streets have created a Thursday morning bike pool so they can safely pedal their way to work. Comments (29)

Backing hipsters, pols demand MTA run trains to Williamsburg big fest

Williamsburg: The MTA should cancel its plans to close the L train during the Northside Festival in Williamsburg next month, say some reps. Comments (13)
The city’s much-hyped bike-sharing program is coming — and cycling activists are on a quest to make sure the sight of a blue cruiser does not instill panic into the hearts of borough riders. Comments (32)

Pedestrian killed on Flatbush Avenue

A tractor trailer struck and killed a pedestrian on Flatbush Avenue in front of the Barclays Center on Wednesday, police said. Comments (24)
Swapping all of Boerum Hill’s traffic lights for stop signs would curb reckless drivers and facilitate a more efficient traffic flow, according to one longtime resident of the brownstone enclave. Comments (37)

Blocks vs. bikes: Vinegar Hill residents fear cycling route would harm stone streets

Vinegar Hill: Two petitions from the Vinegar Hill Neighborhood Association attack the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway — a planned 14-mile bike lane stretching from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge along the water — as a threat to their streets, and their way of life. Comments (81)

Camera shy

Bay Ridge: Councilman Steve Levin says there is one roadblock keeping speed cameras from New York City intersections — and that obstacle is state Sen. Marty Golden. Comments (33)

Parkside Avenue pedestrian hit on dangerous section of roadway

A Brooklyn driver struck and seriously injured a 17-year-old girl as she crossed a dangerous Flatbush street that pedestrian advocates have been fighting to tame for years. Comments (13)

Pedestrian killed crossing Hamilton Avenue

Red Hook: A 60-year-old woman was hit and killed by a tractor trailer early Wednesday in Red Hook, police said. Comments (5)

Bumpy roads ahead: Residents push for speed humps in Greenwood, Windsor Terrace

Greenwood Heights: Windsor Terrace and Greenwood Heights residents are racing forward in their push to install speed bumps on several blocks that they claim lead-footed have turned into dangerous raceways. Comments (22)

Ocean Parkway is Brooklyn’s deadliest roadway

It’s more like Ocean Speedway. Comments (47)

Fatal crash in Brooklyn Heights: Pedestrian killed when pickup jumps curb

Brooklyn Heights: A 48-year-old Brooklyn Heights woman died Friday after a pickup truck slammed into her on a sidewalk on Clinton Street, police said. Comments (10)

Hit the brakes! Mayoral candidates talk bike lanes

Forget soda bans, term limits, and high-rising development — Mayor Bloomberg’s biggest contribution to the city is the proliferation of bike lanes. But what will happen when Hizzoner’s time in office comes to an end? Comments (106)
Williamsburg: Some South Williamsburg residents are wary about a new pedestrian plaza the city plans for Broadway, saying it will make an already-hectic stretch of road even worse. Comments (68)

City moves on Borinquen traffic slowdown

Williamsburg: The Department of Transportaion is finally doing something to make a deadly road in Williamsburg — where three people have been killed in the last two years — safer for non-cars. Comments (13)

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