Mean Streets
Downtown: Police on Wednesday arrested a driver for hitting a cyclist on Jay Street Downtown, after she swerved out of the road’s bike lane because cops parked a police van in it, according to the victim. Comments (54)
Bay Ridge: The city revealed a long-awaited plan to improve safety at a treacherous Kensington intersection where two drivers fatally hit pedestrians in the last five years. Comments (1)

Man dies days after SUV driver smashes into him in W’burg

Williamsburg: A man died on Oct. 23 after a driver hit him in the middle of a Williamsburg street five days earlier, police said on Saturday. Comments (2)

Police: Driver smashes SUV into parked cars, flips it, then flees D’Park scene

Bay Ridge: Cops are looking for the driver of a sport-utility vehicle who on Saturday smashed the car into two others parked on a residential Ditmas Park street, flipping it, and then fled the scene. Comments (8)

Driver fatally strikes Bath Beach man crossing street a block from his home

Bensonhurst: A driver hit and killed an 87-year-old Bath Beach man who was crossing the street just a block from his home on Sept. 27. Comments (2)

Dry-ice truck flips on Gowanus Expressway ramp, injuring one

Gowanus: A tractor-trailer filled with dry ice flipped over on a ramp connecting the Gowanus and Brooklyn–Queens expressways on Friday morning, injuring one person, according to a Fire Department rep. Comments (1)

Police slap unlicensed driver with summons for hitting boy in Borough Park

Transit: Cops slapped an unlicensed driver with a summons after she hit a 3-year-old boy with her car while he was crossing 44th Street in Borough Park on Sept. 19, police said. Comments (7)

MTA bus driver cuffed after he hit and killed senior in Bensonhurst

Bensonhurst: Police arrested the driver of a Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus after he fatally struck a Bensonhurst woman crossing Bay Parkway on Sept. 5. Comments (6)
Transit: Speeding drivers are back to being caught on camera. Comment
Park Slope: This agency gets the job done — almost! Comments (24)
Bay Ridge: The city’s 140 school-zone speed cameras will resume issuing tickets the day before more than 1.1-million schoolchildren return to classes on Sept. 5, thanks to a Council-brokered deal between Mayor DeBlasio and Gov. Cuomo. Comments (19)
Greenwood Heights: The Republican-led state Senate must return to Albany and pass a bill to preserve and expand the city’s school-zone speed-camera program, a group of local pols, officials, and activists demanded outside a Greenwood Heights middle school on Aug. 8. Comment
Bushwick: Authorities on Wednesday said they issued no charges or violations to the Department of Sanitation employee at the wheel of a city garbage truck who slammed into a cyclist in Bushwick on Aug. 1, injuring her and driving off before cops stopped the hit-and-run motorist blocks away with help from a good Samaritan. Comments (36)
Bay Ridge: A group of four women grieving for loved ones killed by speeding drivers spent eight hours walking a full 26.2-mile marathon around the block of state Sen. Marty Golden’s district office on Aug. 2 to protest the pol’s inaction on reviving and expanding the citywide speed-camera program. Comments (5)
Bushwick: Electric-powered scooters started cruising Brooklyn streets on Monday when the founders of a Bushwick-based transit company launched a pilot program to give locals a new way to putt-putt around. Comments (2)
Politics: All 140 of the city’s school-zone speed cameras stopped doling out tickets on July 25, after state senators failed to vote on a new authorization in time. Comments (31)

Whiplash! Golden reverses again, demands Senate reconvene for vote on speed-camera bill

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge state Sen. Marty Golden bowed to weeks of protests from constituents demanding he save speed cameras on Wednesday, when he called on the Senate’s Republican majority leader to reconvene the body to vote on a speed-camera bill that would double the number of cameras citywide before the current ones switch off on July 25. Comments (3)
Williamsburg: The city is giving straphangers who need to cross the East River during the impending closure of the L train’s Brooklyn–Manhattan tunnel more rental bicycles to hop on, some of which are equipped with batteries that will help power the two-wheelers when riders get fatigued. Comments (12)
Bay Ridge: A Park Slope mother whose son was killed by a reckless driver recently spent 24 hours protesting outside a Bay Ridge state senator’s local office because she claimed the pol backtracked on a personal promise that he’d push the passage of a bill to double the number of speed cameras citywide, which his Republican party blocked in the state Senate. Comments (14)

Hit-and-run driver faces seven years for fatally striking man in G’wood Heights while allegedly drunk

Greenwood Heights: A hit-and-run driver who killed a man after allegedly knocking back some beers and crushing him with his car in Greenwood Heights faces up to seven years behind bars, according to charges the district attorney filed on Monday. Comments (1)
Park Slope: The United States Postal Service is revoking parking placards issued to workers at a Park Slope office after a Brooklyn Paper investigation exposed the employees regularly used them to park illegally on local streets. Comments (23)

Slamming the brakes: Golden casts aside speed camera bill in push for stop signs, traffic lights near schools

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge and Marine Park state Sen. Marty Golden is now supporting a bill that would increase the numer of stop signs in schools zones instead of the one he touted doubling the number of speed cameras near houses of education. Comments (21)
Fort Greene: The city’s plan to make a pair of bike lanes safer for cyclists who use them to cut across Fort Greene and Clinton Hill falls short because the paths lack solid barriers that separate drivers from bike riders, according to a local transit guru. Comments (7)

Fix falls short: City’s Ninth Street redesign fails to keep rogue truckers off road, civic gurus say

Park Slope: The city revealed safety improvements it wants to make on Ninth Street after a crash on the road claimed the lives of two kids and an unborn baby, but the measures won’t do much to save lives in Park Slope unless officials also crack down on truckers who use the street as an illegal thoroughfare, a civic guru said. Comments (5)

Motorcyclist dies after colliding with crossover vehicle in East New York

A motorcyclist died after colliding with a car in East New York on Saturday morning, police said. Comment

Trashed: Driver for private hauler smashed into parked cars while drunk, DA says

Crime: A driver for a private carting company was drunk behind the wheel when he crashed into several cars outside a 60th Street apartment complex in Mapleton on June 9, according to the district attorney, who charged the motorist with operating a vehicle under the influence at his arraignment the next day. Comments (1)

Not so bright: Slope’s six-signal traffic light creates chaos at intersection, locals claim

Park Slope: A six-light traffic signal outside Prospect Park that shines separate “go” lights for bicycles and cars is too confusing for drivers, who routinely run their red light and put cyclists in harm’s way, according to a Park Sloper who lives nearby. Comments (24)
Park Slope: New street-safety signs the city installed on a bicycling corridor in Prospect Park are anything but, because one of the moveable placards sent a cyclist to the hospital after he crashed into it within a week of its arrival, furious locals claim. Comments (38)

Motorcyclist dies after collision with double-parked car in Bushwick

Bushwick: A motorcyclist died after plowing his two-wheeler into a double-parked car in Bushwick earlier this week, police said. Comments (5)

Chain gang: Cyclists’ weekly commutes over East River promote two-wheeled transit during L shutdown

Williamsburg: A group of local cyclists started rolling en masse over the Williamsburg bridge once a week to preach pedaling as a means of commuting during the looming closure of the L train’s East River tunnel, now that the shutdown is less than a year away. Comments (6)
Brooklyn Heights: A Brooklyn Heights cyclist and civic guru created a Twitter bot that spits out motorists’ traffic violations so concerned users can identify reckless individuals who cruise their local streets. Comments (23)

Fix it already! Locals demand action, not a study, from city at deadly intersection

Bay Ridge: Brooklynites blasted the city’s transportation agency for waiting to conduct a traffic study before it fixes a perilous Kensington intersection where a trucker fatally struck a man in February, charging that transit leaders should already be well acquainted with the crossing where two people died in the past five years. Comments (9)

Hit-and-run motorist kills senior crossing E. Flatbush street

Bay Ridge: A driver smashed into a woman crossing an East Flatbush street on Sunday — then took off — leaving the victim with injuries that she died from the next day. Comments (1)
Sunset Park: It’s a “death trap” no more. Comments (4)
Sunset Park: Southern Brooklyn cyclists are irate that the Department of Transportation will sacrifice part of its planned Fourth Avenue bike lane to accommodate parking by police outside the 72nd Precinct station house in Sunset Park. Comments (34)
Boerum Hill: Cyclists can now start pedaling through some Kings County intersections 10 seconds before the drivers next to them, city transit leaders announced this week at one of those junctures in Boerum Hill. Comments (49)
Prospect Heights: Flatbush Avenue mom-and-pops are already suffering after the city nixed parking on a stretch of the commercial corridor last week in a scheme officials claim will calm congestion, because the loss of curb space complicates deliveries at many shops and leaves patrons with less spots to pull up outside them. Comments (17)

Fort Greene woman killed after driver collides with parked car in Flatlands

Bay Ridge: An elderly motorist smashed into a parked car and sent it flying into another senior walking on Utica Avenue on March 15, killing her. Comments (2)

Cops fatally shoot hit-and-run driver who killed man in Williamsburg crash

Williamsburg: Police fatally shot a man who hit and killed a father while driving along Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg on Monday, following a string of violent attacks the suspect committed in the city and beyond, according to authorities. Comments (6)

Two drivers hit Bensonhurst senior in back-to-back collisions, killing man

Bensonhurst: Two motorists successively plowed into a senior crossing a Bensonhurst street steps from his home before dawn on Friday, killing him. Comments (1)

Man killed by trucker in deadly crash at long-problematic Kensington intersection

Bay Ridge: A truck driver hit and killed a man crossing the street at a notoriously dangerous Kensington intersection near Ocean Parkway on Tuesday, police said. Comments (12)
Sunset Park: The city must do more to protect Sunset Park kids who walk by at a dangerous Fourth Avenue gas station to get to school, and change has to come from the top, say local pols. Comments (4)
Fort Greene: A United Parcel Service driver hit and killed a 27-year-old woman on Feb. 17 as she tried to cross Ashland Place in Fort Greene — just feet from Brooklyn Hospital Center, police said. Comments (50)

Sick driver charged with manslaughter for ‘preventable death’ in East Flatbush crash

Bay Ridge: The district attorney charged a sickly motorist with reckless manslaughter for hitting and killing a man in East Flatbush last year, claiming the driver with multiple sclerosis knew better than to get behind the wheel in his condition. Comments (1)
Sunset Park: A Fourth Avenue gas station near a Sunset Park elementary school is a “death trap,” according to local parents, who blasted the city for not doing enough about it. Comments (16)
Photo Galleries: City transit honchos will hand over 100 on-street parking spots across North Brooklyn to rental-car companies as part of a new program encouraging locals to ditch their own rides for borrowed ones, according to maps recently released by the Department of Transportation. Comments (34)

Sunset Park community board approves Fourth Avenue redesign with new bike paths

Sunset Park: Community Board 7 gave the city’s plan to revamp Fourth Avenue the thumbs up, kissing 225 parking spaces in the district goodbye in exchange for new bike lanes, loading zones, expanded metered parking, and pedestrian safety-measures along the road. Comments (8)
Park Slope: Transportation honchos will install bike lanes on Fourth Avenue in Park Slope years sooner than planned after neighborhood transit gurus and the local councilman demanded they accelerate the job because most of it can be done simply with paint. Comments (9)
Park Slope: It was a ride in the park — and history in the making! Comments (24)

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