Bring back ‘good sports’ to sports

Ed Greenspan, you and I have finally found something we both agree upon — the mess that professional baseball and other once-respected sports have become. It seems to me that, as the salaries of professional athletes keep going up, their morals keep going down and violence both on and off the field keeps increasing. Comment

Sound Off To The Editor

With a job that has me traveling all over Brooklyn from my Red Hook home each day, I rely on a strong transportation system that can reliably get me from point A to point B. Unfortunately, construction on the R and N subway lines has made my commute a nightmare, and it can take me up to an hour and a half to get to my destination every morning. Comment

Sound Off To The Editor

Just when you think the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is on the right track, they came up with one of the dumbest things I ever read. On some of the trains they want to eliminate seats so the train can handle more passengers, making the train even more crowded. So if you’re a pregnant women or an older senior, too bad, but both of you will have to stand. As some Brooklyn neighborhoods have increased in population, the public transportation system is still in the dark ages. Comment

Sound Off To The Editor

The July 21–27 edition of the Bay Ridge Courier contains an article about the possibility of Citi Bike coming to the neighborhoods of Sunset Park and Bay Ridge (“Citi Bike in the Ridge?” by Lawrence Carrel). In it, Paul White of Transportation Alternatives cites the gathering of 700–1,000 signatures as evidence that these communities are anxious for Citi Bike to arrive. But the math tells a different story. There are approximately 190,000 residents combined in both these neighborhoods; 1,000 signatures represents approximately .005 percent of those residents. Not exactly a consensus by any measure. And I wonder how many people who were asked to sign the petitions refused to do so. Mr. White doesn’t mention. Comment

Sound Off To The Editor

I just spent a few days in Philadelphia, showing my grandsons where our American history began. First stop was the Liberty Bell, where people proudly stood alongside, posing for photo after photo. The next stop was Ben Franklin’s grave to pay our respects, then to the immense United States Mint across the street, where millions of coins are made each year. A final trek was taken to our appointed tour of Independence Hall, where the 1776 Declaration to make us independent from England was made. Here, too, we saw the desks where representatives of the newly-free 13 colonies, now states, worked out details for our Constitution. I was rather dismayed, though, that there, on U.S. government–National Park property, the gift shops were selling memorabilia a Comment

Sound Off To The Editor

Take me back to baseball of years ago. That bygone era included the traditional doubleheaders on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day. Now, in their haste to bring in as much money as possible, doubleheaders have become a thing of the past, with the exception of games being made up due to earlier postponements because of rain. Now, even in that case, the Major League teams make sure to schedule day-night affairs so that they can charge double admission to the public. Comment

Sound Off To The Editor

Your article on taking away parking and charging to enter Manhattan by vehicles is short sighted much the same way the city’s is. All New Yorkers currently lose over a billion dollars a year due to traffic congestion. How do they solve the congestion? By removing lanes of traffic for bike lanes, removing parking spots, Vision Zero changes and lowering requirements in new building to provide less parking spaces for tenants. This is just some of the reasons why traffic just keeps getting worse. If we had a good mass transit system, it might convince people to use it. Comment

Sound Off To The Editor

In addition to having proven himself to be a man of integrity and fine character, Councilman Deutsch is an excellent public servant who has worked hard and done much good for our community. One issue that he, in concert with his colleague, Councilman Treyger, has committed himself to, is preserving a true wood Boardwalk and having appropriate and timely maintenance be performed so that it is safe for people to enjoy. Thus, I was pleased to read, in the article entitled” Brighton Beach Boardwalk Repairs,” that he was able to “put a lot of pressure on the Parks Department, and ... they came out to this part of the Boardwalk to do these much needed renovations.” Comment

Sound Off To The Editor

Education is supposed to be the great equalizer, but not in New York City. Our city is home to over one million creative, curious, intelligent students who deserve a world-class education that sets them on a path to success and achievement. Our schools should prepare every student either for college or for a career, but they do not. Seemingly, they prepare some for Rikers by dismissing or downplaying crime. Comment

Sound Off To The Editor

I have come to the conclusion that the people who report on the Police Blotter do so with a thesaurus on their desks. How else to account for all the ridiculous adjectives that are used to describe common criminals? Multiple names are used in one paragraph, to describe one person. Why not just call them what they are — thief, crook, attacker? All those other names makes the column look like a writing contest … see who can come up with the most names. It trivializes the column. Comment

Sound Off To The Editor

Brooklyn College couldn’t find a smarter individual than Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to address its graduates? (“Bernie Sanders attacks Trump, celebrates diversity at Brooklyn College commencement” by Julianne Cuba, online May 31). Comment

Sound Off To The Editor

I applaud Ed Greenspan’s RODS (Restoration Of Discipline in Schools) initiative and I wish him success (“Dump the Disruptive,” Letters to the Editor, May 12). Should the initiative come to pass, it will be welcomed by all legitimate students who go to school to learn and are currently prevented from doing so by today’s unruly (at times violent) children. Comment

To make speed abate, incarcerate!

While I support Vision Zero, once again in Marine Park a child was involved in a hit and run. In the early morning I often see cars speeding eastbound going well over the speed limit on Brighton Beach Avenue. The same could be said for late afternoon going westbound on Brighton Beach Avenue. There are drivers who don’t seem to care how fast they speed. Comment

Why is Yeger going against Deutsch?

Last week you reported that Kalman Yeger is rumored to run against Chaim Deutsch’s seat in the New York City Council (“Possible Deutsch challenger gets support from nearby incumbents,” by Julianne Cuba, online May 11). I have no ill comments about Mr. Yeger, who I have met once, and he certainly has a right to run. What is hard to comprehend is why he would run, except possibly to get his name around town for future political aspirations. Comment

Ocean Ave. losing its Brooklyn charm

With reference to the building going up on Ocean Avenue between Kings Highway and Quentin Road, Ocean Avenue now looks like any other generic street … the private houses are going — a lot have gone — and the trees, which Brooklyn is known for, are also gone and going (“Ocean rising! Tide of development sweeps Ocean Avenue” by Julianne Cuba, online April 17). Comment

Graffiti springs up in Marine Park

For the past few years our little enclave in Marine Park has been plagued with graffiti. It seems all too apparent that the police have little interest in halting this crime even though many of the stores along Avenue S have video surveillance. Comment

Further disabling disabled people

What the Department of Transportation is doing to disabled people who are in need of a disability parking permit is a disgrace. Comment

Debate over Ocean Parkway speed limit

I am horrified that state Sen. Simcha Felder wants to raise the speed limit, and with it the death tolls, on Ocean Parkway (“Five for Fighting! Activists: Felder’s Ocean Parkway speed-limit hike will kill people” online March 31). I cross Ocean Parkway almost every day, taking my life in my hands as drivers speed up when the lights turn yellow so they can beat the red light, drive through the red lights they can’t beat, and speed up instead of slowing down when they make turns onto and off the parkway. Often, I see balloons and bouquets of flowers tied to the poles alongside Ocean Parkway, memorials for drivers and pedestrians killed a day or two previously. If the victim was a child, there are stuffed teddy bears. I have seen smashed cars Comment

Capano: Sarsour is wrong

In her April 4 op-ed (“Linda Sarsour: NYC’s Queen of Hate”) in the New York Post, Lahav Harkov, The Jerusalem Post’s senior Knesset correspondent, takes on Linda Sarsour for preaching hatred as she portrays herself as a champion of equality. Ms. Harkov is right on target. Sarsour’s hateful rhetoric, her support of far-left causes, and her belief in Sharia law are well known in the communities of Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights that she calls home. Comment

Gov. puts state police on city streets

Everyone knows all too well the “pissing match” between the governor and the mayor. Each man seemingly hates the other and now the governor is slapping the face of the mayor and the NYPD by bringing state troopers to patrol the highways and, yes, now the streets of the city. Comment

Reader to Boro prez: Up and ‘Adam’

Each time I visit Planned Parenthood, I walk through a metal detector and have my belongings searched before I can see a doctor. For years I accepted this seemingly minor imposition. Comment

Federal funds needed for parks

Coney Island Beautification Project is a community membership organization with the mission of beautification through organizing, advocacy, education, greening, and resiliency of our public spaces and waterways. We recognize that our community shares a mutual concern and appreciation for the waterfront spaces surrounding our neighborhood. Coney Island is just one of many waterfront communities along the Atlantic Flyway and when Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, it exposed how many of our neighbors are facing the same reality — frequent flooding, coastal storms and land erosion. Comment

Help immigrants find a better life

I am writing this letter both as the American-born child of Jewish immigrants who came to this country in the early 1920s to escape religious persecution and probably death in Russia, and as a politically disenfranchised resident of Gravesend, Brooklyn. Comment

Donovan ‘missing’ in Bay Ridge

Just goes to show that you win more flies with honey than with vinegar. I would like a town hall, but have not been able to jump on the bandwagon of bullying and mocking to get this to happen. I think it would be more effective to request one politely. Comment

Rep. Dan Donovan takes heat from readers

Rep. Dan Donovan’s (R–Bay Ridge) support of some of President Trump’s more controversial policy moves has angered the liberals in his district. Several have protested the freshman lawmaker, and now they’re writing us letters. Comment

Readers for — and not for — ‘Not For Nothin’

I have been reading [Joanna DelBuono’s] columns for years and find them very stimulating. Comment

Reader to grow-house-busting feds: ‘Chill out, man!”

The alleged benefits of psychadelic mushrooms lead off our letters this week. Comment

MTA scheds. makes good bus-stop fiction

Re: Mssrs. Penner, Lobenstein, Greenspan, et. al Comment

MTA scheds. makes good bus-stop fiction

There is a great new work of fiction to be found at every bus stop. Is it found on Kindle? Available at Amazon? No, it’s the newly posted NYC Transit schedules. As is said on food packages, these are only suggestions bearing almost no resemblance to real life. Comment

Writer extends olive branch

Editor’s note: Anyone paying attention to this page will know that readers Elaine Kirsch and Allan Rosen have been waging a war of words over Ocean Parkway traffic changes and transit in general. But after weeks of heated debate, the two appear to be coming to a truce. Rosen extends an olive branch in this week’s missive. Comment

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